Educational Modules

The UB CTSI’s Educational Modules videos are designed to increase the knowledge and performance of clinical researchers at UB and its affiliated institutions in order help in the development of a large, diverse, and well-trained workforce of investigators and research teams. These 5- to 15-minute videos offer an overview and/or practical guidance on a wide variety of research-related topics ranging from study development to dissemination of research results.


Learn whether your research study requires registration on, as well as the consequences of not registering a study on the site.


Explore the procedures you need to follow, how to ask for help, and what needs to be done in order to complete and finalize your clinical trial budget.


Discover the modules in the Click Portal, how they support a study from project development through the approval process, and how to register for training.


Learn how OnCore, a comprehensive management system, manages the life cycle of a research project and enhances the process of clinical research.