Peter L. Elkin, MD, MACP, FACMI, FNYAM, CTSI Informatics Core Director

Advancing translational research across communities and disciplines is a key component of our CTSI hub. Coordinating data exchange, advancing research recruitment and ensuring security of data access and management are critical to supporting our CTSI’s research endeavors. 

Informatics and translational science

The Informatics Core of the Buffalo CTSI strives to facilitate the exchange of data among various sources required by translational researchers, to explain how electronic or other medical records interface with clinical research data systems, and to notify clinicians and patients of research opportunities via electronic health records (EHRs) at the time of the clinical encounter.

Through Informatics, we can develop novel informatics tools, create common data models and enhance our ability to share data across CTSIs. We have created a number of tools and services that are being made available across our campus and also are being shared throughout the CTSA consortium.

We are committed to training the next generation of Informatics professionals in our Masters, PhD and Clinical Informatics programs and through our Research fellowships in Biomedical informatics (NLM T15 and the BD-STEP) programs.

About biomedical informatics at UB

Our mission is to foster understanding and productive use of informatics principles and techniques that facilitate safe, high-quality, and systems-based health care and biomedical research in Western New York

  • Play a leadership role in the use of electronic resources to enhance patient care and safety
  • Teach best practices in quality and safety and then provide tools
  • Create a plan to install a genomic data analysis pipeline that will facilities clinical genomic research for UB scientists
  • Develop open-source software to integrate genomic and phenomic data, allowing researchers to perform translational research and genome-wide association studies more easily, efficiently and inexpensively
  • Lead and collaborate in the development of a shared common infrastructure for the use and analysis of clinical information an and biomedical research data across UB’s on- and affiliated off-campus teaching.

Goals of the informatics core

  • Establish a translational science pipeline to enhance our ability to integrate multiple types of data to share results more effectively between researchers and to translate the results of successful research more rapidly into practice
  • Create a common phenotypic and genotypic data model for use by researchers to enable reproducibility of experiments and standardize the representation of research data and research results
  • Develop novel health informatics tools and data sharing tools and share them with the CTSA consortium


Observational Research

BMI Search

Cellphone Application for Recruitment to Clinical Trials

  • Peter L. Elkin, MD, MACP, FACMI, FNYAM

Research Database Creation

  • Peter L. Elkin, MD, MACP, FACMI, FNYAM

Protein Structure Prediction

Docking Algorithms

  • Ram Samudrala, PhD

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

  • Ram Samudrala, PhD

Ontology Development and Use

High-Performance Computing