Imaging center CTRC.
  • About Us

    The Informatics Core provides expert support and education to hub research teams. We develop and share novel informatics tools, create common data models, and enhance data sharing.

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  • Infrastructure and Resources

    The Buffalo Translational Consortium CTSI Informatics Resource includes departments and units that leverage the rich resources in informatics and data science throughout the BTC.

  • Services

    CTSI Informatics Core provides support, service, and guidance that enables researchers to incorporate informatics and data science in their research. 

  • Featured Projects

    CTSI Informatics Core projects include CANDO (Computational Analysis of Novel Drug Opportunities), observational research/ BMI Investigator, and ontology development/use.

Advancing translational research across communities and disciplines is a key component of our CTSI hub. Coordinating data exchange, advancing research recruitment, addressing health disparities, and ensuring security of data access and management are critical to supporting our CTSI’s research endeavors. 

Leadership of the CTSI Informatics Core will transition in 2025 with Co-directors, Ram Samudrala, PhD, and Barry Smith, PhD. Dr. Elkin will continue to chair the Department of Biomedical Informatics in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.