CTRC Access Request Form

Please download and fill out the PDF, and send completed form to Terry-Ann Smith.

Instructions for filling out the form...

Organization/PI: University, company, organization and/or Principal Investigator

Department: Enter the UB or Kaleida department with which the individual is associated.

Position: Job title or status (e.g., student, medical resident, etc.)

CTRC address: List the address to which packages and mail should be delivered.

Reason for access: Provide description of why you need access to the CTRC (e.g., attend meetings, work in X’s laboratory, meet with faculty, work on facilities, etc.).

Requested access areas: Choose one level of access. Levels are listed in ascending order with most limited access listed first. 

In addition to the access areas granted, all persons issued a badge will have, at a minimum, access to all standard entry doors to the BGMC/GVI campus and GVI elevators.

Attention CTRC Department Heads and Managers:

  • Please be aware that certain areas require specialized safety training before access can be granted.
  • If personnel are on temporary assignment, please provide a date when access should be terminated. Access cards must be collected and returned to the CTRC building manager.
  • Please approve access only to those areas needed.
  • Access to specialized areas must be approved by those entities as well as CTRC administration.

Seminar rooms: Provides access to atrium and all elevator lobbies where conference rooms are located; for people who only come to the CTRC for meetings.

Office aeas: Includes seminar access and access to hallway and office areas; for those who attend meetings in seminar rooms and with people residing in the building. 

General office/Labs: Includes seminar and office area access and access to all laboratories, except those which require additional training (e.g., LAF, radioisotope, imagers, etc.). For all people performing laboratory work at the CTRC.

Custodial: Reserved for UB custodial staff.

Facilities: Generally reserved for facility and security personnel who may need access to all areas in the event of an emergency.