Open Research Office

Zoom Session.

CTSI Open Research Office sessions feature important topics that can aid those involved in the research process.

Through the Open Research Office sessions, Clinical Research Facilitators collaborate with selected guest speakers on various topics relevant to biomedical scientists and research coordinators. There will be opportunities for Q&A and open discussion and attendees are encouraged to bring their questions, concerns, and ideas. 

October 11 — An Overview of Click

This Open Research Office session covers Click, the research software that assists principal investigators, students, compliance staff, and research administration staff with administering sponsored programs. The session, which will feature Tracie Groves, Training Programs Coordinator for Research Information Systems, will provide:

  • An overview of the software
  • Details on navigating the software
  • The process for creating an account

Upcoming Speaker:

Tracie Groves

Training Programs Coordinator for Research Information Systems

Online Sessions

Sessions begin at 10:00am

Investigators and coordinators are invited to meet with our Clinical Research Facilitators and selected presenters from UB's research administrative offices for various presentations that will provide guidance for your research.

Future events may cover topics such as:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Accounts receivable
  • IRB submissions and regulatory compliance
  • Protocol development and regulatory guidance
  • Central Study Registration and Click support
  • Issues specific to your clinical or behavioral study

Upcoming sessions will held via Zoom, with the possibility of future in-person sessions

Past Events

Pathways to IRB Review (September 27, 2023)

Zachary Chakan, IRB Administrator, Office of Research Compliance, outlined what happens to a Click submission after it is sent to the IRB, the pre-review process, workflows, and typical timelines. (Video coming soon.)

Kim Brunton.
OnCore (June 28, 2023)

Clinical Research Office Director of Operations Kimberly A. Brunton, RN, MSN, explored the comprehensive management system that enhances the process of clinical research. (Click here to watch the session.)

Keenan Gibbons and Grace McKenzie.
Community Engagement Studios (May 31, 2023)

CTSI Community Engagement Specialists Keenan Gibbons, MPH, and Grace McKenzie, MS, outlined how the Community Engagement Studio model strengthens research. (Click here to watch the session.)

Rosanne Johnson.
Budgets (April 19, 2023)

Clinical Research Office Clinical Research Budget and Coverage Analyst Rosanne Johnson discussed what to remember when building a budget. (Click here to watch the session.)

Matt Skowronek.
TriNetX (March 29, 2023)

TriNetX Healthcare Partnership Manager Matt Skowronek provided a brief introduction of the TriNetX platform followed by an outline of the types of data accessible to users. (Click here to watch the session.)

Andy Strohmeier, MEd.
Plain Language (February 22, 2023)

CTSI Integrating Special Populations Coordinator Andy Strohmeier, MEd, provided a usable definition of plain language for researchers, explored various readability indexes, and offered writing tips for recruitment and presentation materials. (Click here to watch the session.)

Naveed Shah.
Your First REDCap Project (January 18, 2023)

CTSI IT Business Analyst Naveed Shah took a deeper dive into REDCap, showing attendees how to start a new project from scratch, come up with a use scenario, build and test a project, and submit a project to be published live. (Click here to watch the session.)

Naveed Shah.
REDCap 101 (December 14, 2022)

CTSI IT Business Analyst Naveed Shah provided an introduction to REDCap, a secure web application for building and securely managing online surveys and databases; discussed its origins; and offered a brief tour of the interface. (Click here to watch the session.)

Ashley Regling.
Clinical Recruitment (August 31, 2022)

CTSI Clinical Recruitment Coordinator Ashley Regling, MA, discussed clinical recruitment by providing an overview of recruitment timelines, available recruitment resources, and specific recruitment resources, including online study listings.  (Click here to watch the session.)

Kim Brunton.
Central Study Registration (June 15, 2022)

Clinical Research Office Associate Operational Director Kimberly Brunton, RN, MSN, discussed Central Study Registration (CSR) and addressed how to access CSR, navigating through the CSR form, what research requires CSR, and the different phases of clinical research. (Click here to watch the session.)