Does Your Study Need to be Registered?


Registration on is a requirement for all National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded clinical trials and all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “Applicable Clinical Trials." This CTSI Educational Modules video explores:

  • Why some research studies require registration on
  • The types of research the NIH consider to fall under “clinical trials”
  • The different agencies that require the registration of clinical trials on the site
  • The consequences of not registering a study on the site

Presenter: Alexis O'Brien, CTSI Clinical Research Facilitator
Developed by Lynn Jagodzinski, CTSI Clinical Research Regulatory Administrator
Running Time:
13 minutes

Contact Lynn Jagodzinski, CTSI Clinical Research Regulatory Administrator, at, or Urmo Jaanimägi, CTSI Quality Assurance Specialist, at

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