Collaborate with UB.

Collaborating with UB is simple

Our team connects your company with the right resources to advance innovation and achieve your business goals.

Share your project, idea or challenge with us

Leverage experts & talented students

Access high-tech equipment & services

Gain resources for joint R&D projects

Together, we'll develop a plan to match your business needs to our resources. It may include finding a talented team of experts aligned with your industry to assist with your technical roadmap. Or, you may need to license technology, access specialized equipment, consult data experts, find funding, or tap into office or lab space. We help streamline the process.

Resources for life sciences companies

Through collaboration and support, we help life sciences companies connect with research experts in genomic or bioinformatics and leverage specialized, high-tech equipment to move new discoveries to market faster. We are an essential link to drive growth in health sciences, especially in the areas of drug development, medical devices, diagnostic tools and healthcare IT.

Life Sciences Resources.
Advanced Manufacturing Collaborate.

Resources for advanced manufacturing companies

We help our partners develop new products, increase their market competitiveness, gain greater efficiencies and overcome the talent gap while adopting new strategies for revenue growth. We are an essential link between materials invention, analytical diagnosis, new technology development and potential commercial interests in licensing science-based innovations.

Resources for companies looking to harness emerging technologies

Researchers at UB are actively developing emerging technologies and applying them to research questions and real-world problems in innovative ways.  Organizations can partner to solve problems, innovate and make discoveries.

License Technology.

Programs and services to accelerate business growth

Growing a business can be an arduous task, whether you're a startup or an established business. Our programs and services offer ways to engage with our community to spur innovation and enhance R&D. 

Together, let’s build something life-changing

Expand your R&D

Solve an existing problem by licensing breakthrough technology from UB to grow your business or form a new company.

Recruit talent.

Work with students and faculty

Recruit talented UB students and alumni or connect with world-class faculty experts to expand your team.

Start a venture.

Partner with a startup

Transform your innovation or industry by acquiring a startup or sublicensing a technology with a track record.

When businesses and universities join forces, great impacts result

Companies of all sizes work with us to speed up innovation, build teams, solve challenges and bring new products to market. While we often partner with life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and tech companies, we offer a broad range of services and support for any industry. Our connections make it easy for you to build or grow your business.

Make immediate business impact by attracting top talent from our pool of more than 30,000 smart, diverse and driven students.

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Companies who work with us save money, accelerate R&D, bring new products and services to market, create jobs and build talented teams. See how we collaborate.

Build your business and connect with a diverse network of entrepreneurs in our two business incubators—the Incubator @ CBLS downtown and the Incubator @ Baird near North Campus.