Funding to accelerate your technology to market

The Buffalo Innovation Accelerator Fund is a technology commercialization accelerator fund administered by the University at Buffalo and supported by Empire State Development. The fund supports technology development projects that enable an innovation to become more attractive for licensing and/or partnering with established companies, or facilitate the formation of an investible startup company to further develop and commercialize the technology.

Accelerator Fund.

Advance your innovation toward impact

Funding can be used for a variety of activities that advance innovations from lab to market, including:

  • Prototype development & commercial feasibility testing
  • Software coding & user interface development
  • Addressing a specific gap identified by industry that impairs the ability to license or attract capital
  • Strengthen or broaden patent claims—only if the project also advances commercialization
  • Other projects that mitigate risks for potential licensees or investors

The average award amount is $50,000 for projects that can be reasonably completed in 6 months. Funds are released in tranches upon successful completion of milestones. Awards of up to $100,000 per project may be approved, but require clear justification for the amount requested. Larger budgets are more likely to be associated with life science technologies where expenses tend to be higher.


Principal Investigators from these partner institutions are eligible to submit applications for funding (only one application per round). 

Innovation hub.
Roswell Park.
Jacobs Institute.
Hauptman Woodwar.
Kaleida Health.

Empire State Development is supporting University at Buffalo, Roswell Park, Jacob's Institute, Hauptman-Woodward and Kaleida Health to help commercialize technologies generated through research. Incubation spaces are supported by the Innovation Hub initiative, a collaboration between UB and our partners.


Must have an open and active invention disclosure or equivalent on file with your respective partner institution (i.e. Technology Transfer Office) upon which the project will be based.


The technology must not be exclusively licensed to an entity other than a partner institution startup, or encumbered by any other prior obligations that would preclude the partner institution from moving forward with commercialization.


Research investigators approach an Innovation Hub Partner institution's designated official. If the program is a fit, an initial proposal is the first step. The Accelerator Team reviews the initial proposal and if accepted to move on, the investigator (submitter) will jointly work with the Accelerator Team to prepare and present the proposal to an External Review Committee.


Therapeutic Efficacy of A Drug that Blocks Immune Suppression & Enhances Anti-Tumor Response.

Therapeutic Efficacy of a Drug that Blocks Immune Suppression & Enhances Anti-Tumor Response

Dr. Richard Bankert, PhD
UB Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Self-Assembling Pores for Biopreservation.

Self-Assembling Pores for Biopreservation

Dr. Bing Gong, PhD
UB Department of Chemistry

Swift Stitch.

Swift Stitch

Dr. Khurshid Guru, MD 
Roswell Park Department of Urology

Active Morphing Wind Turbine Blade.

Active Morphing Wind Turbine Blade to Achieve Higher Efficiency, Production and Reliability

Dr. John Hall, PhD 
UB Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Iron-based Organic Polyhedra as MRI Contrast Agents for Glioma Imaging.

Iron-based Organic Polyhedra as MRI Contrast Agents for Glioma Imaging

Dr. Janet Morrow, PhD 
UB Department of Chemistry

Dr. Timothy Cook, PhD 
UB Department of Chemistry

Development of Acid-Switch ADCs to Treat HER2 Expressing Solid Tumors.

Development of Acid-Switch ADCs to Treat HER2 Expressing Solid Tumors

Dr. Dhaval Shah, PhD
UB Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

robotic arm.

Variable Stiffness Robotic Gripper

Dr. Ehsan Esfahani
UB Associate Professor


Better Batteries

Dr. Mark Swihart
UB Distinguished Professor

Adam Raszewski
UB Student

opioid painkillers.

Non-Opioid Therapeutics

Dr. Arin Bhattacharjee
UB Associate Professor

Dr. Elsa Daurignac
UB Research Assistant Professor

Rasheen Powell
UB Student

supplemental oxygen COPD.

Innovative Therapeutic for Respiratory Failure

Dr. Bora Baysal
Roswell Park Pathologist
UB Research Associate Professor


New Type 2 Diabetes Therapeutic

Dr. Qing Lin
UB Professor

Husan-Yi Wu
UB Student


Energy Harvesting for Leadless Pacemakers

Dr. Amin Karami
UB Associate Professor

Mostafa Anbarani
UB Student


Superior Synthetic, Nano, Bone-Grafting Materials

Dr. Rosemary Dziak
UB Professor

Dr. Mark Swihart
UB Distinguished Professor

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