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UB partners with Roswell / U of Rochester for Empire Discovery Institute (EDI)

The new institute will streamline efforts to turn groundbreaking drug research into viable treatments and medicines, bringing new companies and new jobs.

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Researchers Tell Stories

UB has innovative researchers who are passionate about their work and the university. Hear them talk about what sparks their imaginations, keeps them motivated and how they enjoy sharing with students and colleagues. Click on the still photos to hear more.

  • 4/11/17

    Assoc. Prof. In Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Geometric Reasoning and Machine Learning.

  • 4/11/17

    Other professors who showed me a technique that examines all the genes in the entire database of 30,000 genes.

  • 4/11/17

    Been able to collaborate with people from all over the world.  Been able to mentor and be mentored by incredible people.

  • 4/11/17

    Professor and Chair Communication Department.  Doctorate in Psychology.  Area of research is in non-verbal communication including emotion, deception and facial expression.

  • 4/11/17

    Focus on women’s health.  Study factors that lead to cancer, osteoperosis, heart disease and oral factors.  I study trial participants tracking exposures and measures for disease.

  • 4/11/17

    Dean and Distinguished Professor, School of Public Health and Health Professions

  • 4/11/17

    Things in nature that work really well, understanding how that works and making it useful for people.

  • 4/11/17

    Asst. Professor, Dept of Pediatrics. Studying liver disease in collaboration with Womens and Childrens Hospital

  • 8/9/17

    Professor of Medicine and Director of Behavioral Medicine Clinic.  Research involves testing behavioral treatments for GI disease. 

  • 6/4/18

    Reading Ingarden for Math Aesthetics,  was introduced to Ontology and stayed ever since.

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