The University at Buffalo, known for groundbreaking and transformative research, drives innovation forward to improve lives and create a positive impact globally.

Join top minds in pursuit of their passion, utilizing world-class facilities and bettering our world, one discovery at a time. As a top public research university – ranked third in the US for innovation and infrastructure, first in New York State and earning a spot in the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU) - UB is a place where ambition meets altruism and innovation creates impact.

Research and Economic Development is the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurial and business partnerships, transforming communities locally and around the globe. Our offices assist everyone - from principal investigators to budding and mature businesses - in moving their research, development and commercialization forward, fostering scientific discoveries and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Solve a technical problem, grow your business, or launch a new venture with cutting-edge technologies from UB.

Stay at the forefront of innovation with joint R&D projects, funding, high-tech facilities, equipment and research services.

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Strategic Research and Innovation

Tackling the world’s most extreme disasterscomplex energy and environmental issues, and leading the charge on creating a sustainable world for all.

Analyzing and synthesizing large-scale data to tackle a variety of research issues, from natural disasters to medical technologies.

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UB │ AI Chat Series: Harnessing AI for Public Good

UB | AI is a two-year series exploring how UB faculty across disciplines are harnessing artificial intelligence for the public good. Launched on September 6, 2023, the series will discuss AI's role in advancing societal good in the realms of education, health care and the arts, among others.

Tech Talk with UB VPCIO Brice Bible Episode 2: Venu Govindaraju, PhD

Brice is joined by UB’s VP of Research & Economic Development, Venu Govindaraju, to discuss UB’s rich history with AI research, how UB is leading the way in AI development for good, and how AI will change education in the future.

Podcast: Cannabis Legalization

In middle school, R. Lorraine Collins was fascinated by the fact that some people could control their cravings while others couldn’t. Today the public health researcher is a renowned expert in addictive behaviors, with a focus on cannabis. In this episode of Driven to Discover, she weighs in on the country’s grand experiment with cannabis legalization, looking particularly at the rollout in New York State.

Podcast: Free Speech and the Supreme Court

While other children played house, Samantha Barbas played journalist. Today, she is a leading authority on the intersection of media, culture and the law. In this episode of Driven to Discover, she discusses the subject of her latest book: New York Times v. Sullivan, the 1964 case that transformed free speech in America and that could now be in danger of reversal by a very different Supreme Court.

  • Nicholas Rajkovich on Climate Resiliency
    As a kid, Nick Rajkovich built a wastewater plant in his parents' basement. Today, as an expert in climate resiliency, he his still using design and building to help others. In this episode of Driven to Discover, Rajkovich tells host David Hill how we can (and must) adapt our built environment to withstand an increasingly hostile climate.
  • Diana Aga on Forever Chemicals
    After seeing the river she swam in as a child turn black with pollution, Diana Aga became determined to help clean up the planet. In this episode, the renowned environmental chemist talks to host Cory Nealon about PFAS, or forever chemicals: what they are, why they're so dangerous, and what she's doing to take the "forever" out of them.
  • Arin Bhattacharjee on Opioid-Free Pain relief
    As a kid, Arin Bhattacharjee imagined scoring the winning goal in the World Cup. Now, as a neurobiologist, he’s imagining new ways to treat pain. In this episode, Bhattacharjee tells host Ellen Golbaum about his development of a novel treatment that could not only alleviate suffering and hasten surgical recovery, but also curtail addiction.
  • LaGarrett King on Teaching Black History
    Black history wasn't part of the curriculum when LaGarrett King was a boy. Now he's on a mission to change that. In this episode, King tells host Vicky Santos why Black history is essential learning for all students, and how his center is helping teachers to get it right.