Social and Behavior Research Support Office (BRO)

a preschooler digging in the sand on the playground.

Exploration is a key activity for students of all ages, including on the playground of UB's Early Childhood Research Center.

The UB Social and Behavior Research Support Office (BRO) is a centralized resource supporting investigators who conduct studies in non-clinical areas such as social, behavioral and education research.

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  • IRB Protocol Development Assistance (non-clinical studies)
  • Scientific Review Process (non-clinical human research)
  • Human Research Education/Training Presentations


  • Christian Marks.

    Christian Marks

    Director, Social and Behavioral Research Support Program

    UB Commons, Suite, 114, 520 Lee Entrance, North Campus

    Phone: (716) 645-6474


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Social and Behavior Research Office

Chris Marks