UB's Expertise in Artificial Intelligence

The University at Buffalo is a national leader in artificial intelligence, from research and application to educational programs. UB continues to make strategic investments in people, programs and facilities to enhance the university’s national leadership in AI — including courses that highlight intersectionality between AI and education — to prepare the next generation of students for success.

Artificial Intelligence Tackles Some of the World’s Most Challenging Problems

UB utilizes AI’s machine learning capabilities to boost health equity in the community, including increased disease surveillance, accurate diagnostics, digital pathology and enhanced safety of medical products and processes.

Meet Dr. Venu Govindaraju

Venu Govindaraju, PhD, is the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, a SUNY Distinguished Professor in Computer Science and a nationally and internationally recognized research scientist in artificial intelligence who pioneered the Handwriting Interpretation System now used by USPS. Serving on the SUNY AI Taskforce as co-chair, he will work to outline a 5-year strategy for harnessing AI in education, as well as developing training across the SUNY 64-member campus system to create a highly skilled NYS workforce in AI. Govindaraju has garnered more than $95M in research funding – including $20M from the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) – to establish the National AI Institute for Exceptional Education, for which he is Director and PI.

Venu Govindaraju.

Artificial Intelligence in Action - Research and Innovation Spotlight

AI and Education: Young girl with digital mathematical equations in background and foreground.

AI in Education

UB leads the National AI Institute for Exceptional Education - funded by the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education – which aims to close educational gaps by developing advanced AI technologies to aid nearly 3.4 million children in the U.S. with speech and language processing challenges. The five-year, $20 million institute will develop assistive technologies to help provide earlier universal screening to school-aged children who are at a higher risk of falling behind in their educational development. The institute is working to combat the nationwide shortage of speech-language pathologists (SLP) exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physicians reviewing electronic medical records and test results on AI generated display.

AI in Healthcare

UB pioneers the use of artificial intelligence enabled by the convergence of big data, machine learning and high-performance computing systems to discover innovations to transform the healthcare industry. UB is well-positioned to shape the future of AI-assisted, human-centered healthcare through a comprehensive understanding of healthcare data as well as the biological and clinical problems underlying patient care. As a national leader in engineering, medicine and the health sciences, AI can be a helpful tool in understanding the contributions to disease, predicting patient responses to drugs or medical interventions, and addressing global health challenges by tracking the spread of infectious diseases.

Jinjun Xiong.

Jinjun Xiong

Xiong, a leading expert in AI algorithms and applications, explains how AI's untapped possibilities have the potential to improve lives and create a better world for all.

Siwei Lyu

Siwei Lyu, director of the UB Media Forensic Lab at SUNY Buffalo, discusses the art of deepfakes, and what makes them particularly difficult to distinguish from reality.

Siwei Lyu.

Artificial Intelligence Centers and Institutes

Pupils raising hands during class in an elementary school.

National AI Institute for Exceptional Education

The National AI Institute for Exceptional Education is a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institute led by the University at Buffalo and funded by the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences of the US Department of Education.

Robotic dog - Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (IAD) brings together researchers, labs, institutes, and centers of excellence at the University at Buffalo that are focused on advancements in AI, data science, computational science and related areas of research to tackle these complex problems.

AI technology with internet network background.

Center for Information Integrity

The Center for Information Integrity (CII) is devoted to the identification, amelioration, and combating of unreliable and misleading information. Accurate information is required for vigorous public debate within a democracy.

Listen how our experts detect deception and debunk misinformation on UB's Driven to Discover podcast.

Fingerprint identification adcancing biometric security.

Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors

The Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors (CUBS) is focused on advancing the fundamental science of biometrics and providing key enabling technologies to build engineered systems. UB researchers take a unified view of biometric technologies by integrating software algorithms for accurate identification (various biometrics) and data analysis (informatics).

UB Supported Startups and Early-Stage Companies Leveraging AI

AI-enabled College Admissions Counseling platform that helps students navigate the complicated journey to college.

The AKALA program unleashes hidden potential and transforms students into the best possible college applicants they can be. The result is an intensely personalized pathway for each student to land at the perfect-fit college or other post-high school  journey.

Laila is a hiring platform that leverages proprietary models to match companies and candidates. With Laila, candidates find better career opportunities, and companies find talent that matches their company's values and expectations of ability. Laila utilizes a HireGPTTM powered platform, an on-demand network of expert tech recruiters combined with instant AI-driven candidate evaluations.

V-Markings brings real-time updates of road changes to the autonomous vehicle industry. The company’s technology detects changes to the road networks, empowering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, HD Maps, and other end users with an always up-to-date picture of the real world. V-Markings data provides access to rich insights and time-critical information, including work zones, pattern changes, and new construction.

AI automates your fundraising workflow end to end, so you can concentrate on the most crucial aspect: building strong relationships.

The world's first GPT powered CRM: built explicitly for creating meaningful investor interactions and automatically driving your funnel forward with AI personalized email scripts. Finta AI automatically uses your deal information to prospect the best investors for your company's offering.

Meet the Experts Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence

Get to know other UB faculty experts pioneering ground-breaking research in artificial intelligence.