Clinical Research

UB's Clinical Research Office helps investigators and their staff to create, establish and manage research that advances our understanding of human health and behavior.

The CRO and its staff members review all university clinical research proposals, supporting investigators in multiple ways during the clinical research process. Their guidance includes: training; protocol development; budget and contract development and negotiation; regulatory assistance and guidance; and research subject advocacy.

  • Design Study
    Designing a study forces you to clarify your concepts and develop a goal. While challenging to consider all aspects of the process, the CRO can guide you, ensuring that you create a clinical study with relevant and reportable outcomes.
  • Set Up Study
    The Clinical Research Office helps faculty and researchers in setting up studies and clinical trials to optimize resources and meet all regulatory requirements. 
  • Conduct Study
    The CRO assists with operational aspects of your study, from billing to patient recruitment. The results are healthcare innovations that benefit our communities. 
  • Participate in Clinical Research
    Clinical research is an important and necessary part of finding new medications, new treatments and new ways to diagnose conditions and diseases in people.
  • Industry Sponsors
    UB, through the Research Foundation for the State University of New York, is dedicated to streamlining the process of negotiating Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements and Clinical Trial Agreements with our industry partners. Our goal is to facilitate the timely start-up of industry-sponsored clinical trials involving our investigators.