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The CMI is a network of over 75 faculty members engaged in promising innovation with broad applications including new techniques for 3D printing of metals, safer and longer lasting hip implants, low–cost solar cells and much more.

At the forefront of the materials and manufacturing revolution

The manufacturing industry is changing daily. Breakthroughs in advanced materials, nanotechnology, 3D printing and more are setting the stage for rates of innovation and competitiveness that Buffalo Niagara has never seen.

The Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) is at the forefront of this materials and manufacturing revolution, leveraging UB’s cutting edge materials science, big data analytics and advanced manufacturing expertise to drive critical R&D activities that directly impact private sector growth.

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Since its founding, Buffalo has been home to innovators and entrepreneurs - that legacy continues today.

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Congratulations Dr. Haiqing Lin and Dr. Mark Swihart!


UB professors Dr. Haiqing Lin and Dr. Mark Swihart have been awarded a grant of nearly $1.9M from the US Department of Energy. In partnership with Membrane Technology and Research Inc. (Newark CA) and Helios-NRG, LLC (Amherst, NY), they will develop mixed matrix membrane systems comprised of highly crosslinked polymers with strong size sieving ability and palladium-based nanomaterials for H2/CO2 separation. Final field testing will occur at the National Carbon Capture Center with real syngas. The project will last 36 months, engaging four graduate students, with an end goal of developing processes that reduce emission of greenhouse gases and global warming.