• Conflict of Interest
    UB works to maintain the integrity of its research and related activities. This includes helping investigators identify and manage any potential financial conflicts of interest or significant obligations so we prevent bias and safeguard research objectivity.
  • Human Research (IRB)
    UB's Human Research Protection Program protects the rights of research volunteers, guided by a 1964 World Medical Organization declaration: "In research on man, the interest of science and society should never take precedence over considerations related to the well-being of the subject."
    Animal research is changing, in part because of newer computer modeling techniques and cell tissue / organ culture methodologies that have reduced the need for animals to be used in research and teaching.
  • Export Compliance
    Federal export control laws govern how we transfer or transmit certain technology, materials, data and information to anyone overseas and to foreign nationals on U.S. soil. With almost constantly changing international political, military and economic environments, the rules are complicated.