• 10/17/18

    GEM is advancing genome science through cutting-edge pilot research projects. Researchers partner across disciplines to investigate connections between the airway microbiome and cancer, probiotics and obesity treatments, and much more.

  • 7/18/18

    Genomic themes are integrated across the curriculum at UB, offering students the chance to explore the "big" questions that relate to data, genomics and the microbiome. 

  • Engaging next generations

    GEM partners with K-12 teachers and schools throughout the region to embed genomic and microbiomic literacy in the curriciulum through hands-on activities in classrooms, on-campus lab visits, and special events.

  • 7/18/18

    GEM community outreach provides opportunities for the public to engage in genomic and microbiomic exploration, empowering people with tools to better understand personal health issues. Pictured: 'Balancing Act' installation at the Buffalo Museum of Science

  • 7/18/18

    The Coalesce Center for Biological Art provides a dedicated studio laboratory for biological art, graduate positions, interdisciplinary coursework, artist residency opportunities, DIY workshops and exhibitions. Pictured: SOIL, by Nicole Clouston

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