To help protect volunteers, investigators must complete training and receive project approval from a university Institutional Review Board (IRB) before beginning their work.

  • The IRBs, comprised of faculty peers and community members, can approve, modify or reject proposed research based on its perceived risks and benefits to prospective subjects.
  • IRBs review the studies at least annually and may modify or suspend the research if it decides that risks to subjects are greater than initially understood.
  • Individuals planning quality assurance/quality improvement (QA/QI) projects can complete the “QA/QI Self-Assessment Tool” and receive instant notification if the project is QA/QI or not. If a project is determined to be QA/QI, the project lead will receive an email that describes this determination, and that IRB review is not required.  If your project does not meet criteria for QA/QI, the tool will guide you to appropriate next steps. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the “University at Buffalo Guidance on Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Projects” included in the assessment tool to learn more about what constitutes QA/QI, in order to prevent non-compliance if a project is later determined to constitute Human Research.
IRB Submission Guidelines

-- The Institutional Review Boards will not review incomplete protocols.

-- The IRB staff determines when the protocols are complete and ready for the agenda. They encourage researchers to submit early, allowing for pre-review and updates.

-- The official review of a completed proposal takes about two months, so please plan accordingly.

  • Click Portal IRB and Managing Compliance
    The Click Portal is a new online administrative tool designed to help researchers and administrators better manage grants.
  • Policies and Procedures (Toolkit)
    Information related to the IRB submission process.
  • Stem Cell Research Oversight
    UB and Roswell have created a Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee to help investigators maintain the highest ethical standards while engaging in research using pluripotent human stem cells (pHSC).
  • Median IRB Review Times
    Two year running medians of IRB review times for the three types of protocol reviews: Full Committee, Exempt, and Expedited.
  • Contact
    The Office of Research Compliance covers a broad range of topics, assisting investigators and administrators in developing and managing ethical and responsible research.