To help protect volunteers, investigators must complete training and receive project approval from a university Institutional Review Board (IRB) before beginning their work.

  • The IRBs, comprised of faculty peers and community members, can approve, modify or reject proposed research based on its perceived risks and benefits to prospective subjects.
  • IRBs review the studies at least annually and may modify or suspend the research if it decides that risks to subjects are greater than initially understood.
  • The IRBs also look at quality assessment/quality improvement (QA/QI). The QA/QI administrator collaborates with investigators, research volunteers and administrators on behalf of the university in its efforts to meet regulatory requirements and maintain the highest ethical standards.
IRB Submission Guidelines

-- The Institutional Review Boards will not review incomplete protocols.

-- The IRB staff determines when the protocols are complete and ready for the agenda. They encourage researchers to submit early, allowing for pre-review and updates.

-- The official review of a completed proposal takes about two months, so please plan accordingly.