Animal Research

exterior of CTRC.

UB's Clinical and Translational Research Center is co-located with the Global Vascular Institute, UB Bioscience Incubator and Jacobs Institute offering multiple opportunities for the ideas of clinicians and researchers to 'collide' into innovative thinking.

Animal experimentation is a crucial component of scientific research and education. Most advances in modern biomedical science can be traced back to original studies in animals. The university continues to support this critical research while fully appreciating its additional complexities.

All animal research must be approved by the university's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), which works close with the Laboratory Animal Facilities (LAF) to help researchers develop effective and compliant protocols.

Developing Your Research Protocols

Investigators need both LAF and the IACUC when doing animal research. Generally LAF assists with hands-on care and treatment of the animals. The IACUC ensures that your protocols comply with federal, state and university guidelines.

  1. Conceive research using animals.
  2. Draft research grant proposal.
  3. Review the IACUC guidelines and develop protocols for handling animals during research.
    • Check with LAF if your procedures are new and different or if painful and causing distress to the animals.
  4. Submit your animal research protocols to the IACUC.
  5. Research approved / Grant received: Work with LAF on animal purchases, facilities and care.
  6. Take LAF orientation session and complete appropriate training.
  7. Submit reports to the IACUC: annually based on anniversary date; every three years for full reports.
  8. Research completed: Work with LAF to deal with animals and close accounts. 
Before you begin, have you:

- Enrolled in the Occupational Health Monitoring Program

- Attended a LAF orientation session for the animal facility

- Attended all appropriate online and in-person training sessions

- Submitted the Occupational Health Education qualification form

Departing faculty

Faculty departing UB must cover all appropriate IACUC and LAF protocols as well as leaving contact information in case of questions.