Animal Care in Research (LAF)

UB's Laboratory Animal Facilities (LAF) is a centralized service organization, which supports animal care, research and education across campus and at the university's affiliated institutions.

Getting Started

It's important to have your research protocols and approvals in place before beginning your research. If new to the process, you will need training for handling your animals as well as understanding what to do in case of an emergency for your animals or injury/mishap to you.

The LAF works closely with the IACUC and its staff to ensure responsible and ethical research with the least possible harm to the animals. 

Researcher Support

LAF staff can help with wide-ranging needs in biomedical research, including:

  • Development and writing of  research protocol;
  • Protocol discussions at Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) review sessions;
  • Setting up animal related procedures;
  • Research methodology; and
  • Completion of research in minimum time.