Departing Faculty Procedures

Animal researchers need to close all aspects of their research when retiring from the university or departing for other institutions.

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Contact information

All faculty members need to leave forwarding information in case of questions. Please send the following to LAF, attn: Dr. Jennifer Peirick.

  • Faculty name
  • Department Chair
  • Date of departure
  • Forwarding address, email, phone number
  • Forwarding institution, if applicable

Research animals

Prior to terminating IACUC protocols, all assigned animals must be:

  • euthanized as specified in the protocol;
  • transferred to another investigator's protocol; or
  • exported to the institution where the PI is relocating. 

To transfer animals to another UB faculty member, complete an Animal Transfer Request form and submit it to the LAF facility manager.

To export animals to another institution, contact the CMLAF Import/Export Manager, and complete the export form.

IACUC protocols

If the Principal Investigator (PI) is the one departing, then he/she must terminate or designate an alternate PI for all IACUC protocols.

  • If collaborative research is to continue with another qualified UB faculty member, the collaborating UB faculty member must agree to accept responsibility for any ongoing research and animals in inventory.
  • The departing faculty member’s protocol will be transferred to the collaborating faculty member by submitting an amendment form.

Staff remaining at the university will need to be re-listed on a new protocol, in order to continue to work with lab animals.

Animal facility access

  • Return all LAF dispensed keys to the main office. Key deposits will be refunded.
  • Card access to the LAF will be discontinued at or on the date of departure. This includes all staff in the lab, so researchers and staff remaining at the university need to be listed on a new protocol and then re-issued card access.

Animal facility invoices

You must settle any per diems and outstanding invoices prior to departure. Any unpaid invoices will be the responsibility of the department chair.

Controlled drugs

  • You must return all controlled drugs dispensed by the LAF. This includes full bottles, empty bottles, unused in-date or expired bottles, and all the corresponding paper records.
  • LAF will accept only drugs issued from LAF licenses and / or purchased from LAF.
  • Dispose of chemicals and biohazardous materials per Environmental Health & Safety requirements.

Lab equipment

You must remove or dispose of all equipment located in an LAF animal holding room or lab-space. If you leave any equipment after your departure date, it becomes the property of the LAF and may be removed. If LAF incurs any costs in the process, we will bill the department chair.