Safeguarding University and Faculty Assets and Interests

UB is proud to be a truly global university with a distinguished faculty who come from around the world and one of the nation’s largest international enrollments. We have a mission to impact and positively change the world through groundbreaking research, transformative educational experiences, and deeply engaged service to our local and global communities.

Our Commitment

At UB, we are committed to core values of freedom of speech and inquiry, open sharing of knowledge, and scholarly integrity. We are dedicated to protecting our faculty and university’s academic freedom from undue external influence. To ensure our faculty and students’ interests on campus and while traveling abroad, and to protect our institutional interests we have created the Task Force on Safeguarding University and Faculty Assets and Interests to:

  • Review related current campus policies, procedures and activities in light of recent federal discussions around undue external influence
  • Recommend additional campus policies, practices and educational programs, if needed, to bolster and mitigate risk for UB faculty, staff, students, and partners
  • Strategize the coordination of all related campus activities and making reporting and compliance procedures less burdensome
  • Communicate with faculty about potential threats to the security of their research and provide reminders about existing disclosure and export controls compliance requirements 

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