Sponsored Projects Services (SPS)

students researching in Greenland 2016.

Sponsored Projects help faculty prepare and manage their research grants whether it's work being done in the labs or in more extreme locations like documenting geological changes in Greenland.

UB’s Sponsored Projects Services partners with the university community to prepare and submit proposals for sponsored funding and provides stewardship of awarded funds to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and policies.  

On this page:

Provides a snapshot of all research proposals that are currently in development at SPS in support of the entire UB research community.


  • UB Rates and Facts
    From the hard sciences to arts or humanities, we can help calculate tuition costs and institutional overhead when putting together a grant proposal or managing your award. 
  • Prepare and Submit Your Grant Proposal
    We help faculty secure research dollars by working with you to develop proposals. We also review and submit your proposals to the appropriate sponsoring agencies.
  • Administer Your Award
    Our team at Sponsored Projects Services will help you navigate the requirements of your research award.
  • Training and Development
    UB Research and Economic Development will provide training on all electronic systems utilized to support research activities and compliance.  In addition to training, we will serve as a support system for their use within UB's research community.
  • NIH/NSF Updates
    This page serves to provide important NSF and NIH updates and guide/policy notices relevant to UB faculty and staff for proposal submissions and award administration.

UB Policies

Important UB and RF policies regarding sponsored projects proposal development and award administration

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Sponsored Projects Services

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