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Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships is the connection point between your vision and the University at Buffalo’s resources—breakthrough R&D, world-class experts, new technologies, a diverse talent pipeline, high-tech equipment, facilities and entrepreneurial support. Whether you’re a mature company, an early-stage startup or something in-between, we help grow your business.

Recruit talented UB students and alumni or connect with world-class faculty experts to expand your team.

Stay at the forefront of innovation with joint R&D projects, funding, high-tech facilities, equipment and research services.

Solve a technical problem, grow your business, or launch a new venture with cutting-edge technologies from UB.


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Spur innovation, solve challenges and spark business growth

For decades, we’ve collaborated with companies who believe innovation is a path to prosperity. We've helped them pioneer scientific and technical discoveries, solve complex challenges, build sustainable R&D pipelines, recruit leading talent and move transformative products to market.


Case Study


Technology companies and research universities make greater strides by working together. Leading aerospace and defense company Moog collaborates with materials science, advanced manufacturing and big data analytics experts from UB to drive critical R&D activities that directly impact company discoveries.

In the lab of Garwood Medical Devices at the UB Gateway Building, a researcher tests their Biofilm Disruption Device™ (BDD™) on a metal disk. Garwood Medical Devices, is developing the biotechnology with assistance from the University at Buffalo’s Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics (BIG). Researchers are developing a medical device that delivers low-voltage to a joint replacement or any metal inserted into the body. The electric signal creates an antibacterial environment that stops infections before they become problematic. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Case Study

Garwood Medical Devices

Garwood Medical Devices tackles infection control through a minimally invasive medical device that kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria on metal implants. Born in a UB lab, the technology behind the device was the catalyst for a multifaceted partnership between the life sciences company and the university.