Innovations to Impact

Creating a better world requires collaboration. Together, we help companies take technology innovations to market, leverage expert research, access high-tech facilities and hire talented students.

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An energy materials company creating catalysts to make clean energy more mobile.

A materials manufacturing company developing electrically conductive copper-based inks for printable, flexible electronics.

UB helps commercialize two green technologies.


This inventive company grows biodegradable materials for a sustainable future.

The life sciences company tackles implant infections with disruptive UB technology.

A national reference laboratory scales up diagnostics with funding, equipment and expertise from UB.

package being scanned at post office.

Design and integration of mail automation technologies for postal services around the world.

Three fellows with UB’s Social Impact Fellows program working with M&T Bank met a branch manager in Buffalo, NY in June 2021. The fellows are students with the School of Management, School of Social Work and the College of Arts and Sciences who are paired with a local organization to create social innovation. Photographer: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki.

A partnership between the bank and UB shapes the future of emerging tech leadership and talent.

Memory Fox.

Ongoing startup support from UB helps this company build its tech and realize its mission.


A global company taps artificial intelligence and UB expertise to improve materials engineering.


NFL optimizes team schedules with UB supercomputers.

Pop bio.

Innovative therapies developed at UB target devastating diseases like cancer.

UB BEP_Rheonix and Lab 11.29.18, Nancy J Parisi.

High-tech facilities and support from UB expedite diagnostic testing.

post office.

Artificial intelligence technology enables efficiency.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 2036783453 air purifier a living room, air cleaner removing fine dust in house. protect PM 2.5 dust and air pollution concept.

Computerized simulation and UB technology help reduce the spread of COVID-19.