Collecting community stories to drive donor dollars

MemoryFox’s service-based technology helps nonprofits capture real-world narratives that illustrate organizations’ impacts to attract volunteer and donor support from the communities they serve. Through a variety of UB resources, the company has grown into a valuable partner for both the university and hundreds of charitable organizations around the country. 

Memory Fox.

How MemoryFox collaborates with UB


Limited resources hinder outreach

In the nonprofit world, dozens of organizations are all vying for the same, limited donor dollars to support their essential work. When world events or economic uncertainty increase the need for community services while diminishing the pool of donor funds, organizations have to work even harder to illustrate their impact in ways that compel the community to volunteer, donate and advocate. One of the most powerful ways nonprofits can help themselves stand out is to share stories of the people involved in, and impacted by, the work they do. But as important as those stories are, many organizations simply lack the capacity to solicit, collect, organize and curate a disparate collection of photos, videos and written narratives in a consistent and cohesive system.  

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User-generated content collection

MemoryFox is a software-as-a-service company and DIY storytelling platform that makes it easy for nonprofit organizations to build awareness and engage donors through community-generated digital content. The platform helps charitable groups around the country—food banks, United Ways, and Veterans Service Organizations—collect, organize and share pictures, videos, testimonials and anecdotes from people like donors and beneficiaries who serve as living proof of each organization’s mission and impact. 

Founders of in the Blackstone LaunchPad office in the Student Union Photographer: Douglas Levere.

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