Emerging technologies help build competitive strategy and drive critical R&D for both startups and mature companies


Tech innovation is the cornerstone of a competitive strategy that has a profound and lasting impact on existing businesses and creates opportunities for new ones. Business leaders can keep their organizations competitive by looking to UB to identify new technologies with promising commercial potential. Our researchers are actively developing emerging technologies and using innovative strategies to apply them to research questions and real-world problems. Research in emerging technologies at UB spans biology, medicine, engineering, materials, social science, software development, data science and more.

Faster than ever thought possible, companies can access cutting-edge equipment and expertise to accelerate R&D and bring new products to market, improve existing ones or disrupt an industry in the areas of:

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

• Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

• Data Analytics, Scientific Modeling and Simulations

• Visualization, 3D Reconstruction and Modeling

Collaborate today to accelerate research and development

Successful organizations are able to create game-changing insights while being flexible enough to adopt a new business model, disrupt a market or advance products and services. Here is where UB continues to help drive growth, with the goal of promoting low-cost and sustainable R&D solutions—especially in the areas of big data and analytics, machine learning, advanced manufacturing and health analytics.

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We make it easy for you

UB is an essential link between emerging technologies and real-world application. Our job is translation—fitting between invention, scaleup and accelerated growth. Life Science and Advanced Manufacturing companies large and small can take a proactive posture. When businesses and universities join forces and partner on R&D projects, great impacts result. 

Research Development Life Sciences.

Industry-changing ideas happen when organizations partner on R&D with universities. At UB researchers discover new knowledge to solve problems, answer questions and make significant breakthroughs. With more than 100 active research centers, institutes and collaborative projects, topics range from the environment to advanced materials and technologies in applied manufacturing, and from big data analytics to addictive behaviors to artificial intelligence, biometrics, sensor technology, space cyber security, photonics and more. We have funds and infrastructure that link academic research with companies who have an interest in cost-sharing projects to fuel R&D discovery.

Zuiru Lin (left), a medicinal chemistry major, works in the lab of UB Distinguished Professor Janet Morrow (right). They are photographed in a lab in the Natural Sciences Complex in July 2019 in connection with the Boldly Buffalo Campaign Women in Sciences and Engineering (WiSE) story. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Connect with university experts and students, specializing in quantum, atomistic and molecular modeling, advanced materials technologies, data analytics, AI and machine learning, biometrics and sensor technologies or software and application development. UB continues to make significant breakthroughs in advancing the promise of machine or human-machine systems to address complex cognitive tasks. As communities continue to pursue growth, both in technology and talent, organizations must adopt new technology strategies. We help organizations make new discoveries to launch new or improve products and services.

Build and grow your business with cutting-edge technologies from UB. Solve a technical problem, enhance your product line or digital service or launch a new venture. Businesses of all sizes solve problems and accelerate growth by licensing technologies developed at UB. Discoveries are made here every day, and it is our mission to bring new products and services to market to benefit the public good. We will develop license terms suitable to your commercialization plan and, as needed, help you identify other UB resources that will help you get to market faster.

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Putting technology to work for you

See how we help these companies accelerate R&D and differentiate their solutions.


NFL optimizes team schedules with UB supercomputers.

The life sciences company tackles implant infections with disruptive UB technology.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 2036783453 air purifier a living room, air cleaner removing fine dust in house. protect PM 2.5 dust and air pollution concept.

Computerized simulation and UB technology help reduce the spread of COVID-19.