Students conducting research in the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.

Expert support for the life and biomedical sciences


From mature companies to innovative startups, the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CBLS) helps biomedical and life sciences companies grow and succeed. We provide research support, access to experts, wet labs, office space, shared equipment, funding sources and connections—all to help you speed your products to market, so your work impacts society and communities in need.

Collaborate today to accelerate research & development in life sciences

The CBLS continues to help drive growth in health sciences, especially in the areas of drug development, medical devices, diagnostic tools and healthcare information technology and data analysis. Explore our life sciences programs, facilities and joint R&D funding to move your business forward.

Pharmacy Professor Brian Tsuji and his lab group photographed at his CBLS, NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences lab. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Scientific services for research

Groundbreaking life sciences discovery needs the brightest minds and an extra set of hands to drive timely R&D. We house some of the finest technology in the Buffalo Niagara region for your research. The CBLS is home to cutting-edge facilities for genomics, proteomics, supercomputing and much more. Put our world-class assets to work for you.

Research Development Life Sciences.

Life sciences companies can benefit from outside capital to bring industry-changing ideas to the next level. We have funds and infrastructure that link academic research with companies who have an interest in cost-sharing projects to fuel product development and process improvements.

Zuiru Lin (left), a medicinal chemistry major, works in the lab of UB Distinguished Professor Janet Morrow (right). They are photographed in a lab in the Natural Sciences Complex in July 2019 in connection with the Boldly Buffalo Campaign Women in Sciences and Engineering (WiSE) story. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

From analytical PhD students and bioinformaticians to computational scientists, software engineers and database administrators, we enable access to advanced life sciences resources, including hardware, software and sequencing services. Our life sciences experts can help you make discoveries or build new or improved products or services.

License Technology.

Life sciences innovations and discoveries at UB often turn into useful products and services that save lives and improve the population’s quality of life. Our Technology Transfer team works with private companies to quickly transfer technology to the private sector with agreeable terms and provides opportunities for further development and commercial applications

Build your business and connect with a diverse network of entrepreneurs in our two business incubators—the Incubator @ CBLS downtown and the Incubator @ Baird near North Campus.


Life sciences companies can access flexible, well-equipped labs for product development. Our cutting-edge core service facilities also provide technology assets and expertise to support industry growth in focus areas of genomics, proteomics, computational research & biobanking.

Shared Equipment.

Collaboration can happen in many ways; let us do the legwork. Reach out so we can help you navigate the region’s most advanced science and engineering equipment. 

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When businesses and universities join forces, great impacts result

The life sciences company tackles implant infections with disruptive UB technology.

A national reference laboratory scales up diagnostics with funding, equipment and expertise from UB.

UB BEP_Rheonix and Lab 11.29.18, Nancy J Parisi.

High-tech facilities and support from UB expedite diagnostic testing.




Our industry advisory board is comprised of accomplished experts and scientists representing a broad range of academic and industry experiences. They volunteer their time to offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives on programs that accelerate business growth, economic and workforce development and research initiatives.


Thank you for supporting life-changing innovations and the next generation of startups.

Empire State Development.

Additional resources for discovery and growth

Convert scientific breakthroughs into viable pharmaceuticals for commercialization through Empire Discovery Institute—a powerful partnership to help overcome key challenges faced in drug discovery.


Access infrastructure and experts in software development, artificial intelligence and data analytics at our Center for Computational Research.


Secure matching funds for research and development support through the Center for Advanced Technology in Big Data & Health Sciences.