Accelerate life sciences growth by connecting with bioinformatics and data resources

The University at Buffalo's Buffalo Institute for Genomics & Data Analytics (BIG) connects companies with technical expertise, talent and high-tech facilities to support innovation and growth. Companies gain access to biomedical, genomic and big data expertise and equipment to help advance new diagnostic tests, companion diagnostics, therapeutic agents and precision medicine techniques to tailor treatment options and improve health outcomes.


Connecting life sciences companies to technical expertise, talent and high-tech facilities

Companies who partner with UB benefit from the brightest minds in the fields of bioinformatics, omics and data analytics. They gain access to technical expertise, talent, state-of-the-art facilities, in-house biomedical and bioinformatics experts, high-tech genomic and proteomic equipment, big data solutions and funding. UB's life sciences resources can help advance innovations in areas such as smart-devices, therapeuctics, software, molecular diagnostics tests, companion diagnostics, therapeutics agents and precision medicine initiatives—all to tailor treatment options and improve overall health outcomes.


  • Speed product-to-market innovations
  • Provide talent and expertise in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Lab and office space available to rent; access to shared equipment to keep your cash flow in your business
  • Offer data collection, storage, management and analytics



Buffalo Billion.

The Buffalo Institute for Genomics & Data Analytics program is supported by New York State’s Buffalo Billion Initiative. Thank you for supporting life-changing innovations and the next generation of startups. 

Additional life sciences resources available to our partners

Our partners benefit from the resources available at the University at Buffalo, including tailored business support services and access to additional funding programs. As a BIG partner, you have access to state-of-the-art facilities and experts in research, clinical practice, data management, analytics, omics and other applied research and development.

Core Services.

Ground-breaking life sciences discovery needs the brightest minds and an extra set of hands to drive timely R&D. We house some of the finest technology and cutting-edge facilities for genomics, proteomics and supercomputing in the region. Scientists have leveraged our world-class assets for decades.


Secure matching funds for research and development support through the Center for Advanced Technology in Big Data & Health Sciences.


Access infrastructure and experts in software development, artificial intelligence and data analytics at our Center for Computational Research.