A team in mechanical engineering recently received an NSF Grant for their project involving on a human-robot collaboration for the disassembly of electronic waste such as hard disk drives. The team is lead by Minghui Zheng, Sara Behdad and Xiao Liang, and includes a number of students. They were photographed in November 2019 in Jarvis Hall. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Expert support and critical R&D for advanced manufacturers


From mature companies to innovative startups, the Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) helps manufacturing companies accelerate R&D, invent new materials, develop innovative new products and find the talent to diversify their capabilities and compete globally. As manufacturing companies grow and adopt new technologies, leveraging experts in computational materials engineering drives critical R&D activities. Each year, the Center funds multiple strategic applied research and development initiatives with advanced manufacturing companies in New York State.

We help our clients capitalize on transformative opportunities. From our technologies available for license, connecting with materials science experts and talent resources, high performance computing solutions, facilities or equipment and funding, we help companies navigate this fast-changing world by providing the support needed to be more effective today and create long-term value for tomorrow.  Through collaboration with industry, we have been able to:

  • Help organizations develop and commercialize new products, services and technologies, moving innovation to the market faster
  • Grow businesses in emerging high-technology fields, such as next generation polymers, nanomaterials, RFID devices, sensors for industry 4.0, healthcare and the Internet of Things
  • Develop novel thin, flexible electronic technologies and leverage machine learning and AI for additive manufacturing
  • Support R&D for the military, autonomous vehicles, energy generation, fuel cells and renewable energy, and advance discoveries in electrochemistry and thermal management

Our clients develop agility, increase speed to market, gain greater efficiencies and overcome the talent gap.

Collaborate today to accelerate research & development for manufacturers

Separating success from failure is an organization’s ability to create game-changing insights, and then be flexible enough to adopt a new business model, disrupt a market or advance products and service offerings. We help companies drive growth, especially in the areas of materials research, informatics and analytics, creating new technologies and advancing sustainable R&D solutions.

Karthik Dantu, of the School of Engineering and Applies Sciences (SEAS) Computer Science and Engineering department, works with students in Davis Hall in May 2019. Photographer: Douglas Levere.
Seo Jung Hun, of materials design and innovation, in his lab in Bonner Hall. He recently received a NSF research grant. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Manufacturers can benefit from outside capital to grow and bring industry-changing ideas to the next level. We have funds and infrastructure linking academic research with companies who have an interest in cost-sharing projects to fuel product development and process improvements in areas such as clean energy and energy harvesting, robotics, electronics, sensor technology, thermal transfer materials, wireless communication, medical device, biomedical, life cycle analysis, additive manufacturing, modeling or materials integration and development. 

Prof. Ehsan Esfahani works in a research lab in Bell Hall on a robot gripper arm in May 2019. Esfahani is with the design and manufacturing department of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Connect with materials experts and computational experts and students, specializing in quantum, atomistic and molecular modeling, data analytics and AI / machine learning, software development, life sciences, clean energy, digital and additive manufacturing and materials design and innovation. As manufacturers continue to pursue growth, both in technology and talent, organizations must adopt new technology strategies. Whether creating new discoveries or preparing a new or improved product or service for market launch, let our experts help you.

License Technology.

Materials innovations and discoveries at UB often turn into useful products and services that create efficiencies, save energy or lives and impact society. Our Technology Transfer team works with companies to quickly transfer technology to the private sector with agreeable terms and provides opportunities for further development and commercial applications.

Seo Jung Hun, of materials design and innovation, in his lab in Bonner Hall. He recently received a NSF research grant. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Sometimes manufacturers need to test, prototype or pilot before full scale production. Let us do the legwork! UB can help our clients access well-equipped facilities to help finalize development of your products or processes. Access cost effective suite of advanced scientific and engineering equipment and instrumentation, or engage with our high performance and cloud computing infrastructure to explore and advance applications of “big data” in materials science. 

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Grow your business with the help of experts, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, advanced genomic and proteomic capabilities and funding through our Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.

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A global company taps artificial intelligence and UB expertise to improve materials engineering.


This inventive company grows biodegradable materials for a sustainable future.

The life sciences company tackles implant infections with disruptive UB technology.

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Materials Informatics is the intelligent use of data-driven processes to improve materials discovery, uses, processing and life cycles.

Our job is translation – fitting between invention and scaleup and accelerated growth, the Center is an essential link between materials invention, new technology and potential commercial interests in licensing these science-based innovations.



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Our industry advisory board is comprised of accomplished experts and scientists representing a broad range of academic and industry experiences. They volunteer their time to offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives on programs that accelerate business growth, economic and workforce development and research initiatives.

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