Driving critical R&D by connecting with materials innovation

From mature companies to innovative startups, the Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) helps manufacturing companies accelerate R&D, invent new materials, develop innovative new products and find the talent to diversify their capabilities and compete globally. As manufacturing companies grow and adopt new technologies, leveraging experts in big data analytics can help evolve business models to drive critical R&D activities. Each year, we fund multiple research, development and prototyping project initiatives.

Materials Informatics.

Cultivating commercialization success and growth

We help our clients capitalize on transformative opportunities and navigate our fast-changing world by providing the support needed to be effective today and create long-term value for tomorrow. From our technologies available for license, connecting with materials science experts and talent resources, high performance computing solutions, facilities or equipment and funding, our clients develop agility, increased speed to market, gain greater efficiencies and overcome the talent gap.


  • New York State company 
  • Materials-based solutions
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Clean IP position
  • Inclusive and diverse teams
  • Partner provides economic impact data yearly


Companies are welcome to contact us for assistance with discovering research collaboration partners with expertise in their areas of interest. Projects are proposed in a competitive process for funding consideration.


Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1746964754 UV light sterilization of face mask to disinfection. COVID-19 prevention concept. ultra-violet sterilization and disinfection.

CleanSlate UV

We are involved in ongoing support for product enhancements for a tabletop sanitization device that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses on cell phones and instruments in hospitals and other public places.

In the lab of Garwood Medical Devices at the UB Gateway Building, a researcher tests their Biofilm Disruption Device™ (BDD™) on a metal disk. Garwood Medical Devices, is developing the biotechnology with assistance from the University at Buffalo’s Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics (BIG). Researchers are developing a medical device that delivers low-voltage to a joint replacement or any metal inserted into the body. The electric signal creates an antibacterial environment that stops infections before they become problematic. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Garwood Medical Devices

We are helping to advance the computational modeling of a novel electrochemical technology that prevents bacterial biofilm infections formed on metallic orthopedic implants.

Royalty-free stock illustration ID: 560815132 Solar panel and schematic 3D illustration internal structure of the module.

Ludlow Electrochemical Hardware

Professors Lin and Swihart are developing novel nanomaterials dispersed in thin-film polymers to achieve energy-efficient, low-cost membranes for hydrogen separation—a critical need in the nascent hydrogen economy.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1469647445 Airgel and experiences with it. aerogel properties.

Bettergy Corporation

We aid in Bettergy's work in pioneering the use of additive manufacturing to produce application-specific, reusable graphene aerogel water treatment technologies for water purification and pollutant removal abilities.



Thank you for supporting life-changing innovations and the next generation of startups.

Empire State Development.

Drive critical R&D by connecting with resources

Innovative technologies, research experts and high-performance facilities help your organization remain competitive.

License Technology.

Materials innovations and discoveries at UB often turn into useful products and services that create efficiencies, save energy or lives and impact society. Our Technology Transfer team works with companies to quickly transfer technology to the private sector with agreeable terms and provides opportunities for further development and commercial applications.

Seo Jung Hun, of materials design and innovation, in his lab in Bonner Hall. He recently received a NSF research grant. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Sometimes manufacturers need to test, prototype or pilot before full scale production. Let us do the legwork! UB can help our clients access well-equipped facilities to help finalize development of your products or processes. Access cost effective suite of advanced scientific and engineering equipment and instrumentation, or engage with our high performance and cloud computing infrastructure to explore and advance applications of “big data” in materials science. 


Access infrastructure and experts in software development, artificial intelligence and data analytics at our Center for Computational Research.