Introducing entrepreneurship as a path to success

Set your ideas in motion. Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus-based entrepreneurship program designed to introduce entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as a viable career path, where students develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset to grow a business and their careers.

We welcome all students regardless of discipline, experience or degree program. With the tools, resources and network available through Blackstone LaunchPad and our partners, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

2016 Global Innovation Challenge, Communities of Excellence: Global Health Equity in Hayes Hall Photographer: Douglas Levere.

At Blackstone LaunchPad, there's something for everyone.

Whether you have an idea for a venture and want to learn about next steps, have an established company and need guidance on how to scale your business up and help it grow, or want to jumpstart your career with startups, Blackstone LaunchPad can help.

We offer workshops, events, competitions, coaching and mentoring, skills development programs, networking and an online toolbox with resources and templates that can help entrepreneurs develop a business plan, pitch their idea and build a startup. Notable programs include Inclusive Launch Foundry, Startup Boot Camp, Social Impact Fellows, Design Challenges, WNY Prosperity Fellowship program and Innovation Sprints.

If you have an idea ... use us as a sounding board to flesh out your concept and understand the next steps.

If you have a company ... receive insight and guidance on how to grow and scale your business.

If you're curious ... get mentored, join our community and come to our events.


Blackstone LaunchPad welcomes all UB students to explore its offerings, regardless of academic discipline. Many programs are free of charge and available to everyone, while others have application criteria and requirements.