Health Futures Challenge

A presenter at the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition during his live pitch.

Ovana Life Sciences pitches at the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.

UB students, faculty and community members of WNY present innovative ideas for clinical trial improvement, community health data collection, hospital improvements and more.

Solve Problems in the Health Economy

The Health Futures Challenge brings together UB students, local business professionals, and UB faculty to form teams and pitch ideas to improve the health economy. 

This is an opportunity for a diverse group of people to address all aspects of the vast ecosystem that the health economy is comprised of.

Be bold! Create teams that break down silos and increase innovative ideas.

What You Need to Apply

Develop an idea that fits into one of the following categories: healthy economy, clinical trials, healthy hospitals and public data collection. 
  • An executive summary and, 
  • A 2-minute video pitch describing your idea 


Challenge Categories