For Intrapreneurs

students talking at table.


Many people don’t think of themselves as entrepreneurs. They may feel they’re too introverted to start a business or that their skills don’t easily transfer to a business setting. Does this sound familiar?

We recognize that not everybody wants to start a business. Yet the same skills needed by entrepreneurs apply to intrapreneurs: people who can work within a large corporation and have the freedom to come up with innovative and profitable ideas. What’s the benefit? Employers seek intrapreneurs because they’re trained to identify problems and contribute to a solution—without the risk of leaving to start their own venture.

Startup and Innovation CoLab powered by Blackstone LaunchPad offers training and workshops to develop the next generation of intrapreneurs. It’s one way we keep you competitive and employable in today’s job market. 

Innovation Sprints

Imagine a hackathon. Now imagine a hackathon that doesn’t involve computing. The CoLab powered by Blackstone LaunchPad’s Innovation Sprints combine the exhilaration of a hackathon with an inclusive approach to innovation, focusing on the skills needed in the ideation stage of the design-thinking process. Innovation Sprints are an opportunity for students to work with Western New York businesses and develop their intrepreneurial skills.

Not convinced yet?

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