For Students

UB Blackstone video opening panel.

Thinking big. Innovating. Creating. Blackstone LaunchPad is the place to see it all in action. It’s where you set your ideas in motion and how we go places—together.

Blackstone LaunchPad is an entrepreneurship program open to students of all majors, experiences and disciplines. We’re an onsite startup incubator, idea-sharing center and destination for students interested in gaining important life skills through experiential learning opportunities. We offer individualized mentorship and support as well as seminars and training sessions related to starting and growing a business.

And yet, we understand that not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. In keeping with today’s trends in the workplace, we offer training and workshops to develop “intrapreneurs”: confident people who can work within a large corporation to come up with innovative and profitable ideas.

At Blackstone LaunchPad, introducing you to entrepreneurship and developing the skills to pursue it is how we help you succeed in whatever venture you wish to pursue.