For Students

UB Blackstone video opening panel.

Innovation for All
It’s not just business or technology students who become entrepreneurs. Big ideas come from all majors, at all levels—that’s why CoLab programs are open to any UB student ready for a challenge.  

Set yourself apart
People who build meaningful careers as entrepreneurs and innovators are defined by a distinct set of skills, mindsets and competencies that Startup & Innovation CoLab powered by Blackstone LaunchPad can help develop, including:

  • Learning – Curiosity, coachability, openness
  • Creative thinking – Problem finding, opportunity recognition, agility, resourcefulness
  • Critical thinking – Research ability, bias awareness, future focus
  • Engaging – Personal initiative, passion, self-efficacy
  • Investigating – Problem and market analysis, network building
  • Designing and storytelling – Solutions, business models, plans and pitches
  • Experimenting – Customer discovery, testing, presentations
  • Organizing and launching – Business formation, production, sales

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