• 3/16/18
    At Student Life, our team — and our values — guide us in providing meaningful experiences and high-quality services for 30,000 students.  Our department embraces the tenants of the student affairs profession to enhance student growth and development. 
  • 2/20/20
    The highly specialized departments within Student Life work together to share insights, build on best practices and provide an expansive array of student-focused services. Additional assistance comes from administrative support units that offer critical resources.
  • 9/10/21
    As highly experienced professionals, we are proud of what we do — and how we do it. Every day, we are fortunate to see the results of our work reflected in the faces of our students.
  • 4/21/21
    “What’s next?” This is the question that drives us each day, as we strive to provide the new experiences, programs and resources that will meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse student body.
  • 1/16/20
    At UB, every student has a story. We are proud to play an essential role in helping students discover new paths, contribute to their communities and fulfill their lifelong dreams.
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