Our highly experienced leadership team provides strategic insight and guidance for all of Student Life, while departmental directors focus on specific areas of service.

Leadership Team

  • Christina Hernandez headshot.
    Christina Hernandez.

    Christina Hernandez

    Interim Vice President for Student Life

    Providing oversight and leadership to the units within Student Life to ensure students have the support and resources they need to thrive at the university and beyond.

    University at Buffalo
    520 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2982

  • Barbara Ricotta headshot.
    Barbara J. Ricotta.

    Barbara J. Ricotta

    Senior Associate Vice President, Student Life

    Responsible for the day-to-day management of many Student Life units, helping to shape the campus experience for countless students, faculty and staff.

    University at Buffalo
    520 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2982

  • Eric Blackledge.

    Eric Blackledge

    Interim Executive Director, Campus Dining and Shops

    Meeting the varied needs of the UB community through innovative restaurants, convenient shopping options, and the multipurpose UB Card.

    University at Buffalo
    146 Fargo Quad
    Buffalo, NY 14261

    Phone: (716) 645-2521

  • John Lambert headshot.

    John Lambert

    Director, Marketing and Communications

    Providing leadership and institutional-level guidance to the internal and external marketing initiatives within Student Life.

    University at Buffalo
    252 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-3602

  • Sharon Mitchell headshot.

    Sharon Mitchell, PhD

    Senior Director, Student Wellness; Director, Counseling Services

    Helping UB students manage college — and life — by promoting student wellbeing and academic success with an emphasis on health promotion, emotional and mental support, and the delivery of high quality medical services.

    University at Buffalo
    120 Richmond Quad
    Buffalo, NY 14261

    Phone: (716) 645-2720 or 829-5800

  • Beth Rogan headshot.
    Beth Rogan.

    Beth Rogan

    Director of Resource Management; Interim Unit Business Officer

    Responsible for administrative support in the areas of resource planning, processing, and development for Student Life.

    University at Buffalo
    407 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-6045

  • Thomas Tiberi headshot.

    Tom Tiberi

    Director, Campus Living

    Creating dynamic communities — including residence halls and apartments — that support academic and personal success.

    University at Buffalo
    106 Red Jacket Quad
    Buffalo, NY 14261

    Phone: (716) 645-2171


  • Kevin Ahuna headshot.

    Kevin Ahuna, PhD

    Director, Intercultural and Diversity Center

    Supporting all students on campus and creating a strong sense of belonging by celebrating differences as proudly as we celebrate commonalities.

    University at Buffalo
    240 Student Union
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2434

  • Matt Ardila-Weigand headshot.

    Matt Ardila-Weigand, PhD

    Director, Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs

    Making the transition to UB easier by connecting new students with the people and resources they need to succeed.

    University at Buffalo
    112 Student Union
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-6125

  • Hadar Borden headshot.

    Hadar Borden

    Program Director, Blackstone LaunchPad and WNY Prosperity Fellowship Program

    Introducing entrepreneurship as a viable career path through coaching, venture creation support and fellowship opportunities.

    University at Buffalo
    220 Student Union
    Buffalo, New York 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-8111

  • Randall Borst headshot.

    Randall Borst

    Director, Accessibility Resources

    Providing a variety of accommodations for students with disabilities, including interpreters, assistive technology and accessible course materials.

    University at Buffalo
    60 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2608

  • Phyllis Floro headshot.

    Phyllis Floro

    Director, Student Engagement

    Giving students the opportunity to make positive change by developing an understanding of themselves, others and their community through active citizenship.

    University at Buffalo
    150 Student Union
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-6469

  • Dan Kaczmarek headshot.
    Daniel Kaczmarek.

    Daniel Kaczmarek

    Director, Assessment and Research

    Supports the values and goals of Student Life by providing timely and reliable information regarding operations and performance.

    University at Buffalo
    1 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-3133

  • Arlene Kaukus headshot.

    Arlene Kaukus

    Director, Career Design Center

    Empowering UB students to discover, develop and achieve their future careers through self-assessment, internship opportunities, career exploration and job search support.

    University at Buffalo
    259 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2231

  • Elizabeth Lidano headshot.

    Elizabeth Lidano

    Director, Student Conduct and Advocacy

    Supporting a safe, positive and just campus environment through regulations, mediation, advocacy and victims’ assistance programs.

    University at Buffalo
    9 Norton Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-6154

  • Marla McBride headshot.

    Marla McBride

    Director, Health Promotion

    Promoting long-term wellness by providing a wealth of services related to healthy lifestyles, rape and sexual assault prevention, and stress reduction.

    University at Buffalo
    114 Student Union
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2837

  • Dan Ryan headshot.

    Dan Ryan, PhD

    Director, Veteran Services

    Providing assistance with veterans’ benefits, academic policies and access to campus resources.

    University at Buffalo
    321 Student Union
    Buffalo, NY 14260

    Phone: (716) 829-5586

  • Susan Snyder headshot.

    Susan Snyder

    Director, Student Health Services

    Offering both urgent and non-urgent medical care for students — including health screenings, clinics and immunizations — regardless of health insurance.

    University at Buffalo
    Michael Hall, 3435 Main St
    Buffalo, NY 14214

    Phone: (716) 829-3316

  • Maria Wallace headshot.

    Maria Wallace

    Director, Student Unions

    Providing welcoming space, services and facilities to support the needs of our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

    University at Buffalo
    235 Student Union
    Buffalo, New York 14260

    Phone: (716) 645-2055