The highly specialized departments within Student Life work together to share insights, build on best practices and provide an expansive array of student-focused services. Additional assistance comes from administrative support units that offer critical resources.

For an accessible version of our organizational chart, please see below.

President - University at Buffalo

Vice President for Student Life

Assistant Dean, University Student Retention Innovation Officer

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Administrative Support Units

  • Administration and Planning
    Administration and Planning provides oversight and assistance for budgeting, financial planning, human resources and related areas throughout Student Life.
  • Assessment and Research
    Assessment and Research oversees major research initiatives, key data collection efforts and data analysis for the Division of Student Life.
  • Marketing and Communications
    Our mission is to provide experienced leadership and a bold creative vision for university-wide and unit-level marketing and communication initiatives. With a focus on students, we work collaboratively with our departments and the university to optimize and celebrate the student experience.

Student and Campus Service Units

  • Accessibility Resources
    Accessibility Resources coordinates reasonable accommodations for equitable access to UB for students with disabilities.
  • Campus Living
    Enjoy the support, safety and convenience of official University at Buffalo residence halls and apartments. Learn how to find your home away from home.
  • Campus Dining and Shops
    Offering high quality, high value, and innovative dining options designed to fit the varied lifestyles and nutritional needs of the University community.
  • Career Design Center
    The Career Design Center is a career development center providing extensive services to students of all educational levels and across all academic disciplines, as well as lifetime resources to alumni.
  • Counseling Services
    Counseling Services promotes the personal well-being and academic success of students by providing brief mental health services, educational programs, crisis intervention, and campus community consultation.
  • Dean of Students Office
    The Dean of Students Office provides assistance and support to students in navigating a complex university life so that UB students can flourish during their time here.
  • Esports
    UBuffalo Esports teams represent the university in high-level competitive play and provide students with opportunities to build critical thinking and strategy skills.
  • Health Promotion
    Health Promotion supports student well-being and academic success by building a healthy campus culture.
  • Intercultural and Diversity Center
    The IDC is committed to supporting all students at UB by creating a  sense of belonging and celebrating our differences just as we celebrate our commonalities.
  • Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs
    Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs helps new undergraduate students get started and strive for academic and personal success.
  • Startup and Innovation Collaboratory
    Startup and Innovation Collaboratory is designed to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path. With the tools, resources and network – anyone can be an entrepreneur.
  • Student Conduct
    Student Conduct helps maintain a safe campus by enforcing rules and regulations, managing conduct, and assisting students with navigating questions or concerns.
  • Student Engagement
    Student Engagement provides experiences that inspire UB pride, empower students to make the most of their UB experience, and help students be engaged contributors in a global society.
  • Student Health Services
    Student Health Services is now located at 4350 Maple Road (near Sweet Home Rd.) This location has more space and a better layout to provide high-quality student medical care than our previous location. 
  • Student Unions
    Student Unions provide a variety of services, facilities and programs designed to meet the needs of our students and UB community.
  • Veteran Services
    Veteran Services helps student veterans transition into civilian life, as they learn more about balancing college with other life obligations.