Celebrating Traditions - the Interlocking UB

A Look Inside the Iconic Welcome Weekend Event

The Interlocking UB, formed by thousands of incoming first-year students each fall, combines a spirit-rally, mass assembly and human performance architecture in what has become one of the marquee events of Welcome Weekend. Established in 2005, this tradition initiates the unofficial kick-off to the UB experience.

2018 was the first year the Interlocking UB took place in UB Stadium.

"The Interlocking UB made me feel a part of  something bigger than myself." -Brandon, UB Student

From Start to Finish: Video Series

Since its inception, the Interlocking UB has been a physical manifestation of spirit, identity and tradition on campus. Behind the scenes of this human construct, is an engaged team of Student Life colleagues dedicated to keeping the tradition at the forefront of the UB experience.

Executing a Proud Tradition

Watch this iconic tradition take shape from the student perspective.

Interlocking UB Timelapse

See the human interlocking UB come to life.

Journey to a Tradition

The team behind the scenes.

The number two with decades inscribed.

A proud campus tradition is launched.

Group of 3 blue people icons gathered.

The full human logo spans 42,750 square-feet.

Clock icon displaying 38 minutes.

Represents the typical build time from start to finish.

The number 2000% in a red star.

Total increase in student participation over the years.

Sunshine icon.

Fun fact: the tradition has never been rained out.

Aerial photography drone icon.

What started as a photograph atop Clemens Hall, is now captured by two drones at UB Stadium.

Through the Years

The Interlocking UB has grown over the years. What started with just a few hundred participants, now welcomes the entire first-year class each August.

True Blue Banner.

What makes you #UBTrueBlue?

Photo Gallery

See where the Interlocking UB started, where it is now and all of the excitement in between.