The Landing at Ellicott

Artist rendering: welcoming entrance to Ellicott Complex.

Creating a welcoming arrival experience into the Ellicott Complex.

A “front door” for the Ellicott Complex

The Fargo quad is the primary gateway to the Ellicott Complex when approaching from the campus core. The Landing at Ellicott project includes an addition to this building that will create a more legible and welcoming arrival experience into the complex.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Create a front door for the Ellicott Complex
  • Clarify circulation and way-finding through Ellicott
  • Activate space for community engagement
    • Social staircase
    • Study areas
    • Flexible lounges
    • Front-facing points of service
    • Courtyard patio


  • Project kick-off: December 2021
  • Design work: December 2022
  • Construction kick-off: May 2023
  • Anticipated opening: Summer 2024

Artist Renderings