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Information for Parents and Family

Welcome to the UB family. As your student enjoys this new and exciting time in their lives, it’s important to remember that you still have a critical role in providing the support they need to thrive. We look forward to working together to promote your student’s academic success, encourage their personal growth, and help them learn how to face new challenges and opportunities on their own.

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Campus-Wide Resources

Here are links to some of the most popular information for UB parents and other family members.

Academics and Finances

Food and Housing

  • Campus Housing: Options, costs, move-in information, dates and deadlines
  • Campus Dining: Dining locations, add or change a meal plan
  • UB Card: Add money to your student’s account, manage a UB Card

Getting Around

Health and Wellness


(Find people, departments and services.)

Parent Advisory Service

We’re here to help parents and families of enrolled UB students by providing information about campus resources, offering advice about common student transition issues, answering your questions and making referrals to other departments on campus.

Phone: 716-645-6125 or 1-877-434-0665 (toll free)


Preparing Students for Success

College is an exciting time for students to grow, learn and have new experiences. Here, they can learn how to deal with challenges — both big and small — and discover how to rely on themselves, make smart decisions and find the resources they need.

Helping Your Student Become a Mature, Independent Adult

At UB, we encourage you to let your student address the questions and concerns they may have. In our experience, most students appreciate the opportunity to be more independent and resourceful, once they’re given the chance. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential to ensure success in college and beyond, and building these skills starts with students who advocate for themselves and seek out what they need.

As a family member, you have a critical role in helping your student acquire the life skills that will continue to serve them long after they leave UB. We are here to give you the resources and support you can use to help your student thrive at UB — and far beyond.

Student Records Are Confidential

All UB communication and information (including bills and grades) goes directly to the student. We encourage you to communicate with your student so you can get information directly from them, and help your student continue to take responsibility for these important matters. This policy is in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Supporting Your Student

The transition from high school to college can be as challenging for parents and family members as for students. Here are a few quick tips to help:

  • Express your love – be there for them, and remind them they have your support no matter what
  • Ask “how can I help?” – this approach lets them take responsibility for problem-solving, and is a reminder that you want to help in the process – not solve the problem for them
  • Reframe the situation – turn around the perspective to the positive
  • Encourage a big picture view – put the situation into larger context and remind them that they’ve been through challenges before
  • Guide problem solving – ask questions to help them identify the problem and consider the pros and cons of possible solutions; you can also remind them of resources available to help them
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Sign Up For Helpful Emails

If you’re a parent or other family member of a currently enrolled UB undergraduate student, you can sign up for emails and receive:

  • Information about common transition issues
  • Advice about how to help your student
  • Reminders about important dates

Emails are sent throughout the academic year.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The University at Buffalo has dozens of fraternities and sororities affiliated with our campus. Membership can provide your student with a positive, enriching experience along with unique leadership and service opportunities.

Fraternity and Sorority Information for Parents and Family Members

The University at Buffalo has dozens of fraternities and sororities affiliated with our campus. Membership can provide your student with a positive, enriching experience along with unique leadership and service opportunities.

Helping Students Put Academics First

At UB, we have instituted a number of guidelines and policies designed to help students focus on making a successful transition to college.

  • Freshmen are not allowed to join a fraternity or sorority until they have earned 12 credits and have a cumulative GPA at UB of at least 2.5; this typically means that students cannot join a fraternity or sorority until at least their second semester
  • The new member (pledge) education program cannot exceed six weeks

The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

Students who choose to become members of recognized Greek-letter organizations enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Recognition for academic excellence
  • Positive leadership opportunities
  • Involvement in philanthropic and service events
  • Opportunities to develop skills including time management, teamwork and budgeting
  • Access to alumni networks

We strongly encourage students to investigate any group that they want to affiliate with, and ask about the status of the organization. There are some groups that are unrecognized by UB for various reasons, including high incidents of hazing; affiliation with these groups is a violation of the UB Student Code of Conduct and puts students at risk for suspension and/or expulsion from the University.
> Learn more about unrecognized organizations

> View policies related to hazing and Greek Life

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about Greek Life at UB, we encourage you to contact Fraternity and Sorority Life. 

For information about recognized chapters, please visit UBLinked.

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Unrecognized Groups

There are groups of University students that wrongfully attempt to function and are not recognized by the University. To avoid disciplinary action we discourage you from affiliating with these organizations.

Unrecognized Greek Chapters

Chapter Name

What They Call Themselves

Year Removed

Alpha Epsilon PHI (sorority)



Alpha Tau Omega



Delta Delta (sorority)

Delta Delta


Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Sig


Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sig


Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delt


Sigma Alpha Mu


1995, 2001

Zeta Beta Tau



Delta Xi Omega & Alpha Sigma Alpha (sorority)

Zeta Phi


Affiliation with these groups is a violation of the UB Student Code of Conduct. It puts students at risk for suspension and/or expulsion from the University. The University at Buffalo does not advise nor control the actions of these off-campus groups. Typically, the instances of hazing are high for these groups as well. University policy mandates a permanent transcript notation for students who are found to be responsible for hazing incidents that involve the injury of another person.

These groups have been advised by the University and their former national headquarters to cease all operations. This includes recruitment, education,  induction of new members and the sponsoring of and/or participation in on- or off-campus programs. Failure to abide by these conditions on campus will subject students to on-campus judicial proceedings. All activities are subject to litigation by the legitimate national organizations.

As a student, if you are recruited by or have questions about unrecognized student groups, please contact Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Visiting Campus

First time or returning to campus? Let us help you find your way — and find a place to stay.

Admissions Help

If you’re the parent or family member of a prospective student, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for enrollment and program information.

Visiting UB?

Student Life proudly partners with local hospitality services to offer both convenience and value to guests visiting UB and attending our events. Reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Parent Programs

Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs provides orientation for families and students, tips for adjusting to UB, and transition specialists for students who need a little extra help:

University at Buffalo
112 Student Union, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-6125