Be Part of the Community

Here, you’re part of a diverse, welcoming community. We encourage you to understand the rules that apply, and know what is expected from you as a UB student.

Roommates. Classmates. Friends. Romantic partners. Here are some ways to help you form connections and build healthy, productive relationships.
UB students are members of a community and are required to know the rules and regulations. This is why you are required to read and affirm the Student Code of Conduct when you first start at UB. By knowing and following these rules, regulations and guidelines, you can significantly improve your chances of being successful and positively contributing to the community while you are here.
If you have been the victim of a bias-related incident — or you know of an incident that has occurred — we encourage you to take the appropriate steps. 
Need Help?

If you have a problem with someone — or if you know someone who needs help — we’re here for you. Visit the Get Help section to get the answers and assistance you need.

Visit the Get Help section