Students in Distress

Make sure you know how to recognize a student who may be distressed, or whose behavior is concerning to you because it is disruptive or disturbing. With your help, any student can get the professional care they deserve — and UB can be a safer place for all of us.

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What Kind of Behavior Should I Refer?

It’s important to refer any disruptive or disturbing behavior you see in students.

  • Any incidents or interactions with students that cause you to think they may be a threat to their own or another person’s safety; all verbal, written and implied threats should be documented
  • Any written work a student submits with a disturbing theme or references
  • Behavior such as a decline in academic performance, a significant number of absences or a decline in personal appearance can be cause for concern when it is out of the ordinary for a particular student

See Something, Say Something

People who might be violent usually have other types of problems long before they begin to act out in violent ways. It’s important to know the early warning signs, and contact the appropriate campus office when you see suspicious behavior.

How to Refer a Student

Emergency Referrals

  • Call University Police at 716-645-2222 or pick up any blue light emergency phone
  • Crisis Services of Erie County is an off-campus resource that is also available 24/7; you can call them at 716-834-3131

A situation may be an emergency if:

  • You are concerned for your safety or for the safety of others
  • You believe a student is considering suicide and requires immediate intervention

Non-Emergency Referrals

You can submit a Student of Concern referral to a team managed by the Dean of Students Office online.

Need Help?

You are not expected to take care of a distressed student by yourself. If you ever feel unsafe or unsure, get help.

Campus-wide student support

University at Buffalo
315 Student Union, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-2982; Fax: (716) 645-2260

On-campus emergencies and crime prevention, 24/7

Bissell Hall, North Campus

Phone: (716) 645-2227; Emergencies: (716) 645-2222