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Your college experience shouldn't just be filled with academics. Make friends, pursue your passions, and gain experience with extra-curricular activities.

Make Connections

Friends and fun await outside of the classroom. Find a club, get in a workout or catch a movie with friends.

Explore Your Passions

With over 400 clubs and organizations on campus and hundreds of programs hosted by departments, there's something out there for everyone.

You can search for ways to get involved by keyword or use the filters to search by topic, type of opportunity, or the sponsoring office.

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UBLinked: A Virtual Involvement Hub

Discover unique opportunities at UBLinked! Use UBLinked to get involved, track involvement and participation on campus and even create a co-curricular transcript of your involvement. Consider it our on-demand involvement platform!

You'll be able to see some events without logging in, but we recommend signing up with your UBIT username and password to access all activities and search organizations

What Can You Do in UBLinked?

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  • Join a club
  • Learn more about and contact student organizations
  • Discover upcoming events and programs
  • Check in at events using your UBLinked Event Pass
  • Track your involvement hours

Common Tasks

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UBLinked Help Center

You’ll find step-by-step videos, an online support center and other helpful resources through the UBLinked support page.

Use the UBLinked App (Corq)

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Find events happening on campus with Corq — the mobile app for UBLinked.

Resources for Clubs and Organizations

At UB, we recognize that clubs and organizations are an invaluable part of the university community. We are proud to support campus groups by offering a variety of programs and services designed to help them.

Starting a New Club

Did you know that any UB student can start a new club? Well, now you do! If you're interested in starting a new club on campus, check out the steps below.

For tips on first steps and how to manage your organization on UBLinked, please visit the UBLinked Resource Page or contact the Student Governance and Organization team in Student Engagement.

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