Mental / Emotional Well-Being

You are not alone. At UB, there is always someone who can help you get through a crisis, manage an ongoing mental health issue, or just listen. Find out how you can get help — whenever you need it.

It’s normal to be stressed out when you’re a college student. Whether you’re worried about your grades, your friends or a personal crisis, we’re here to help you. Counseling — also known as mental health counseling — is available at no cost to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at UB. 
Everyone has experienced feelings of depression at one time or another. These feelings are common after a loss or disappointment, and they usually pass in a few hours or days. But when these depressive feelings persist — and when they affect your health and well-being — then you may need some sort of intervention or professional help.
If you or someone you know has an eating disorder — including anorexia or bulimia — we have an Eating Disorders Team that can offer the counseling, medical care and nutritional support you need.
As a college student, it’s natural to fear death, or perhaps think that you’ll live forever. But death is a natural part of life — which is why it’s important to learn how to deal with death, dying and grief.