Step 1: Complete the Orientation Data Form

Start by filling out the Orientation Data Form to provide key information to UB.

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Before You Complete the Orientation Data Form

New students are encouraged to review and/or take action on the following:

  • Activate your UBITName. After you complete your Orientation Data Form, UB will communicate with your email, which requires you to set up your UBITName. Follow the instructions to set-up your UB email account and begin checking regularly. You can access your UBmail by vising from a web browser. You should have access to activate your UB email account a couple days after submitting your tuition deposit.
  • Enroll in DUO, UB's two-step verification to protect your UBIT name. Follow the steps on UBIT's website to enroll now. Complete this at the same time you activate your UBITName.
  • Learn more about choosing your major. On the Orientation Data Form, you will see your current major listed and have the option to request a change. Make an informed choice by reviewing UB's tips for how to choose your major and/or the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog. It is also okay to be unsure; select "exploratory" to start at UB with an undeclared major.
  • Explore your interests. On the Orientation Data Form you'll select an interest area to help us connect you with other new students who share this interest. Learn more about your options on the FAQ page.

Complete the Orientation Data Form

On the Orientation Data Form, you will:
  • Provide details about your academic background and interests to your academic advisor. They will help you begin academic planning and develop a preliminary fall course schedule.
  • Register for your virtual Summer Orientation, including selecting the date/time for any required live sessions in July. Learn more about Summer Orientation
  • Provide a family member's contact information; we'll send them parent and family orientation resources. 
  • Sign in with an email you check regularly. We recommend utilizing your UB email (UBmail - Exchange Online) and encourage you to begin checking this account regularly for all UB communication. 

For most students, the Orientation Data Form takes 30 minutes to complete. If you have questions when submitting the form please consult our FAQ page or contact us via live chat on this page, email, or phone for additional assistance.

* The University at Buffalo is committed to ensuring equal access to information that is presented online. As part of this commitment, university web content must be accessible to everyone, including individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments, with or without the use of assistive technology. If you encounter an accessibility issue when completing the orientation data form, please contact the orientation office.


Finish Step 1: Complete the Orientation Data Form within 1 week of submitting your tuition deposit. 


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