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supervisor carmella marinaccio with a student employee.

In Here to Career, campus supervisors support skill development and professional goals of working learners to prepare them for next steps after UB.

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Developing Career Ready Students

As a supervisor in Here to Career, your role is critical to helping students identify and connect long-term career goals to their work here

Intentional guidance and support positively impacts working learners, on-campus employers and the UB community. Student employment connects working learners to future opportunities, fosters working relationships and creates space for students to experience lifelong lessons about work.  

Through your guidance, mentorship and support, Here to Career can integrate working with learning, so students gain life-transformative experiences in employment. 

Watching the students grow throughout their time here is really fun to watch. Many of them start out as timid freshmen and blossom into outgoing seniors." 

- shared by a Campus Supervisor

Here to Career Program Competencies

  • Career and Self-Development
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Technology
Based on nationally recognized criteria from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Enhancing Your Department with Student Employees

What better way to get to know and stay in touch with the student population than having a student employee in your office? Hiring a student employee brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and a spirit of experiential learning to your office or department, all while offering work experiences that translate to critical skills for students. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to boost unit capacity.

Supervisor Commitment

Supervisors in the Here to Career program are committed to: 

  • Posting all student on-campus jobs through Bullseye powered by Handshake 
  • Connecting job description and expectations to NACE competencies through performance programs
  • Sharing professional development opportunities with students
  • Identifying and aligning the professional goals of students to their work
  • Personalization of working-learning experiences

Detailed resources and tools provided in the Here to Career Supervisor Hub – coming soon!

Here’s How We Can Help

Developed exclusively in the Here to Career program, supervisors will be provided training and resources specific to their work with working learners. Supervisors will have access to:

  • Performance evaluation templates
  • Logistical support
  • Student training and onboarding guides
  • Guidance on facilitating work reflection
  • Sharing a community of supervisors like you

Supervisors are given access to UBLearns once they enroll in the program.

As part of the Student Life Here to Career program, campus supervisors will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative culture and redefine student employment. Help your working learner gain and reflect on skills they develop to create meaningful careers and lives after leaving UB.

The Future of Here to Career

By joining other supervisors in Here to Career, you can lead the charge of reshaping student employment. Our team will provide you with the resources, tools and community to give and receive the support that is needed to develop working learners career readiness skills and reach their professional goals. 

Ready to Post Your Student Position?

Online via Bullseye powered by Handshake

As a Campus Employer, Bullseye powered by Handshake makes it easy to post your student employee position. You will also find video tutorials on everything from creating an employer account, posting a campus job, and how to search for student profiles.

Recognizing Outstanding Supervisors

We're proud of these outstanding Here to Career supervisors that serve as mentors, helping students develop professionally, ensuring successful careers after graduation and fostering  positive employment experiences:

Supervisor of the Year

  • 2023: Nancy Schimenti - Center for the Arts

Supervisor of the Month

  • May 2023 
    • Amanda Fries - Health Promotion
    • Pamela Stephens-Jackson - Student Engagement
  •  April 2023
    • Erin Duggan - Student Engagement
    • Kayla Lujan - Campus Living
  •  March 2023
    • Delaney McNulty - Career Design Center
    • Jasmine Samano - Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Engagement
    • Jude Butch - Student Engagement
    • Susan O'Rourke - Student Engagement
  • February  2023
    • Joanne Walleshauser - Campus Living
    • Nancy Schimenti - Center for the Arts
  • December 2022
    • Johnny Garcia - Student Unions
    • Jill Rexinger-Kuhn - Ticket Office, Athletics
    • Carmella Marinaccio - Dean of Students
  • November 2022
    • Hope Carroll - Student Engagement
    • Meech McIntyre - Intercultural and Diversity Center
  •  October 2022
    • Tamihah Lawton-Stone - Campus Living
    • John Lamaita - Campus Living
  •  September 2022
    • Sarah Schauer - Student Engagement
    • Sarah Najam - Campus Living

For more information on Here to Career, contact:

University at Buffalo
259 Capen Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-2231