Student Wellness

Keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible will help you achieve all of your goals. Make sure you know about the resources available here at UB.

Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit: Cultivating a Culture of Student Wellness

Student Wellness is comprised of mental health counselors, medical providers and health educators from three collaborative units at UB:

  • Health Promotion
  • Counseling Services
  • Health Services

We work together to provide a variety of quality services and programs focused on physical and emotional health to promote student success and well-being.

Support at Every Step

Different people require different levels of care or intervention. Student Wellness follows a “stepped care” model, which is designed to assess each student’s needs holistically and in a timely fashion, and then provide the right level of care. Students might move from lower to higher levels of care (or vice versa) as needed, depending on the outcomes at each step.

Medical Care

Get Medical Care

Medical Records

Stay Healthy

Sexual Health

Health Insurance

Mental/Emotional Health

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Healthy Decisions

Need help making a plan?

Taking a positive approach to personal development, Wellness Coaches can help you set and achieve meaningful goals.

Student Wellness

Short-term on campus mental health support

University at Buffalo
120 Richmond Quadrangle, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14261

Phone: (716) 645-2720; Fax: (716) 645-2175

Preventative health and wellness education

Health Promotion

Student Life

University at Buffalo
114 Student Union, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-2837; Fax: (716) 645-6234

Primary, non-emergency medical care

Health Services

Student Life

University at Buffalo
Michael Hall, 3435 Main Street, South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-3316; Fax: (716) 829-2564

1 Capen
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2100

Phone: (716) 645-3036