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Need a doctor or nurse? Our professional on-campus health care providers can help you manage your medical care.

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How Can We Help You?

Health Services can help with many non-emergency medical concerns, including proactive care (annual exams, well visits and screenings), as well as care for injuries and illnesses (including chronic illness management). For health care services that are not provided directly by Health Services, we can help you find other health care providers who may be able to take care of you.

Care When We're Closed

Call 716-829-3316 and listen to the phone message, which will give you instructions for how to reach the after-hours nurse when our office is closed.


Campus: 716-645-2222

Off-Campus: 911

Types of Care

Allergy Shots

Health Services does not administer allergy shots. However, there are allergists in the local community who will administer allergy shots to UB students. Please contact their offices directly to discuss your needs, scheduling and health insurance coverage.

Chiropractic Care

New York Chiropractic College offers free chiropractic care at Michael Hall (South Campus) for registered UB students. To make an appointment, call the New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) at 716-685-9631 (make sure you identify yourself as a UB student). Hours may differ from Health Services hours. Please call NYCC to inquire about appointment availability.

Dental Care

UB’s School of Dental Medicine provides dental care through its patient clinics.

Immunizations and Flu Shots

You can get a variety of immunizations — as well as your annual flu shot — through Health Services.

Infectious Disease

We offer diagnosis and treatment of various infectious diseases, including treating latent (not active) tuberculosis TB, sexually transmitted infections, chronic Hepatitis B and various other contagious illnesses.

Pharmacy Services

On Campus

South Campus

Student Health Pharmacy (Michael Hall)

This pharmacy accepts student health insurance plans only. If you have another health insurance plan, you should contact them for a price quote.

North Campus

The Elli (in Ellicott Complex) and CVS (in The Commons) offer some over-the-counter (OTC) medications. However, these locations do not have on-site pharmacies.

Off Campus

There are various retail pharmacies near both campuses. Check with your health insurance provider to find your preferred pharmacy.

Sexual Health

Whether you need contraception or you want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, we offer a range of services related to sexual health.

Sports Medicine

Health Services offers diagnosis and treatment of sports injury or orthopedic concerns.

Travel Medicine

Are you going away for spring break? Planning to travel abroad? Make a travel medicine appointment before you go. We’ll talk with you about any health concerns related to your trip, and help you get medications or vaccines that may be recommended for you.

Travel to certain countries may require an appointment with our infectious disease physician. Please plan ahead and make your appointment well before your departure date.

Women’s Health Services

As a UB student, you have access to a wide range of primary care gynecology services and counseling through Health Services. Our services include:

  • Annual exams
  • Contraception (including IUDs and hormonal implants)
  • Pregnancy testing and referral
  • Routine gynecologic care
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • Safer sex counseling
Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception — also known as the morning-after pill — is an over-the-counter medication available without a prescription at:

• South Campus: Student Health Pharmacy (Michael Hall)

• Off-Campus: many off-campus pharmacies/grocery stores

> If you need emergency contraception because you have been sexually assaulted, learn what to do after a sexual assault.


If you are pregnant — or think you might be — the health care providers at Health Services can help you understand your options. All follow-up medical care is referred to community specialists.

Pregnancy Tests and Feminine Care Products

Get a Referral to a Specialist

Even if you think you’ll need specialized care, start by talking with one of our health care providers. We can offer advice, make referrals and help you navigate the health care system.


There is no cost to see any of the health care providers at Health Services (however, there may be a charge for immunizations, labwork and other services, depending on your health insurance). For providers outside of Health Services, please check with your health insurance for costs.

Any UB registered student can make an appointment and receive care from Health Services. It doesn’t matter which type of health insurance you have.

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