Student Health Medical Records (Patient Portal)

As a student, you can view your immunization records through the  Patient Portal — the online patient portal for UB Health Services.

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We strongly recommend that you use the Patient Portal (not email) for any confidential communication with health care providers at Health Services. Through the Patient Portal, you can view and print your immunization records and communicate securely with Health Services.

Please note that information shared on the Patient Portal, including secure message exchanges, will become part of your medical record at Health Services.

Not all features are currently available in the Patient Portal

6/8/22: We are aware that some students are having trouble accessing all features of their Patient Portal. Our new electronic health record vendor is aware & working diligently to correct this issue.

UBITName and password required

Immunization Records

To view or print a copy of your immunization records, log in to the Patient Portal. Select “Immunizations” from the left-hand menu. If you need a copy of your records, click on Print in the upper right-hand corner.

If You Can't Log In to the Patient Portal

If you you are a former UB student or cannot log in to the Patient Portal, please complete the Authorization to Release or Obtain Health Records form.

Medical Records

Need a Copy of Your Medical Records?

If you want to release your records to another provider or just need a copy for yourself — please view the Release or Obtain My Medical Records Form.

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