Student Health Medical Records (PatientLink)

As a student, you can view your immunization records through PatientLink — the online patient portal for UB Health Services.

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We strongly recommend that you use PatientLink (not email) for any confidential communication with health care providers at Health Services. Through PatientLink, you can view and print your immunization records and communicate securely with Health Services.

Please note that information shared on PatientLink, including secure message exchanges, will become part of your medical record at Health Services.

Please note: It takes several weeks for our staff to manually enter student immunization data into this system.  For this reason, the Patient Portal immunization history may not be up to date for all students, especially first year students.

UBITName and password required

Immunization Records

To get your immunization records, simply log in to PatientLink, then click on “Immunization” then “View History.” If you need a copy of your records, click on the printer icon.

If You Can't Log In to PatientLink

If you you are a former UB student or cannot log in to PatientLink, please complete the Authorization to Release or Obtain Health Records form.

Medical Records

About Medical Records

Health and immunization records submitted to or generated by Health Services are held on file for 10 years.

Information About Students Over the Age of 18

In accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), if a patient is 18 years of age or older we cannot release any medical information to a parent, spouse, instructor, employer or anyone else other than the patient him/herself. Patients who would like Health Services to verify an appointment or discuss diagnosis and treatment with anyone other than themselves must sign an authorization consent form during their visit. This consent pertains to that day’s appointment only; a new release form must be signed at each visit.

Only for Health Care Provided by Health Services

If other individuals or agencies have provided confidential information to Health Services, you cannot use the authorization form to re-release this information. For copies of medical records that came from another individual or agency, please contact that original individual or agency directly.

You must submit a signed authorization form if you want Health Services to release a copy of your medical records to another health care provider, or obtain a copy of your medical records from another health care provider.

To give Health Services permission to release your medical records to a health care provider (or obtain your medical records from a health care provider) please complete and submit the Authorization to Release or Obtain Medical Records Form. Please note that it may take up to two weeks to process your request for release of information, depending on the current volume of requests.

Need a Copy of Your Medical Records?

If you want to release your records to another provider or just need a copy for yourself — please view the Release or Obtain My Medical Records Form.

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