Health Insurance

Most students and international scholars must carry health insurance coverage for the duration of their academic registration at UB.

You can enroll in health insurance plans through UB or SUNY, or request a waiver if you have a comparable plan. Enrollment in the UB student plans is automatic when the credit hour threshold is met. Insurance is also available for students, faculty and staff who are going abroad.

Health Insurance for Required Groups*

Please consult the table below to learn more about health insurance requirements; enrollment and waiver forms; the cost of premiums; and options for covering your dependents.

* Part-time domestic students do not have an insurance requirement. Full-time registration could prompt health insurance billing. Always review your student account to monitor charges. 

Spring 2023 Waiver is Now Open

The waiver process for Spring 2023 is now open.

Insurance Plans 2022-2023
Plan/Type Rate (Premium)  & Coverage Dates for Fall 2022 Deadline Coverage Action
Domestic Students - Full-Time Premium $3,011
2/24/23 Enroll or Waive
Domestic Students - Part-Time (coverage is optional )   2/24/23
Enroll or Waive
International Students Premium $1,076.14 for Fall, $1,491.14 for Spring
Enroll or Waive
International Scholars   Deadlines depend on when you arrive in the U.S. J-1 international scholars have 30 days from arrival into the U.S. to enroll/waive the insurance Enroll
OPT (Optional Practical Training) (coverage is optional)   2/24/23
Students Going Abroad   At least 2 weeks before going abroad Enroll

Deadlines listed apply to the health insurance waiver ONLY. If insurance premiums remain on your student account past the tuition due date, late fees will apply.

Health Insurance for Others

Health insurance coverage may be available for other groups. Please follow these links to learn more.

Need Help?

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