Domestic Students

All qualifying full-time domestic students must have UB-sponsored health insurance coverage (or comparable coverage) for the duration of their academic registration at UB. Part-time domestic students are not required to have health insurance, but may choose to enroll.

Full-Time Part-Time
Insurance Information: 2020-2021
Coverage Dates Deadline for Enrollment and Waivers Premiums

Full Year Plan

8/1/20 - 7/31/21

Fall semester: 10/7/20
Annual yearly single premium: $2,298.00

Spring Enrollment

1/1/21 - 7/31/21

Spring 2021 semester: 3/11/21 New Spring student single enrollment: $1,361.00

Open enrollment is available until the deadline regardless of your coverage history. You can also enroll any time throughout the year with no gap in coverage from your previous plan if you have a life-changing event; please read this page carefully for more details. Please review the enrollment form for dependent and off-cycle rates.

Automatic Enrollment

You will be required to purchase and keep the health insurance plan offered through UB unless you have an approved waiver on file by the deadline. An approved waiver provides proof of comparable coverage through another plan. The waiver is an annual process that must be completed when you are registered for full-time credit hours.

Qualifying students who do not have an approved waiver on file are encourage to take action and enroll in the program beginning August 1 (for fall enrollment) and January 1 (for spring enrollment) or complete the waiver.

Once an approved waiver is on file, students will receive a health insurance premium refund (deadlines apply). 

Request a Waiver

If you are required to have health insurance — and you have health insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements — you can request a waiver for the premium refund.


* The University at Buffalo is committed to ensuring equal access to information that is presented online. As part of this commitment, university web content must be accessible to everyone, including individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments, with or without the use of assistive technology. If you encounter an accessibility issue when completing this form, please contact the health insurance office.

You will only be permitted a waiver if your policy matches or exceeds the UB-sponsored policy and is approved by Haylor, Freyer and Coon, Inc.

What is the Health Insurance Requirement?

The University at Buffalo requires all full time domestic students undergraduates at 12+ credit hours and graduate/professional students at 9+ credit hours carry adequate health insurance.

This requirement is mandatory for all students that meet the credit hour threshold.

The student insurance premium fee will automatically be charged to the tuition bill and be applied to the student account each year you attend. 

If you or your family have private health insurance that meets the requirements, comparable coverage to the student plan, you can process an opt out waiver through an on-line portal

Military and Veteran Students

Please classify yourself when asked as military to avoid confusion with verification of some private insurance plans.  (ex; Tricare, ChampVA, etc.)  Veteran are permitted to waiver with no private coverage due to the VA hospital being so close to the University at Buffalo South Campus on Bailey Ave.

In the event you have any difficulties the staff in 1Capen on North Campus will be glad to assist, please email or visit 1Capen. 

Forms - Domestic Students/Dependents


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Need Help?

For help understanding and navigating the health insurance process.

1 Capen
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2100

Phone: (716) 645-3036

For domestic students; only for waiver requests or to enroll or terminate your coverage.

For specific questions about your domestic plan and including providers, benefits, coverage and claims.

257 West Genessee St
P.O. Box 80
Buffalo, NY 14240-0080

Phone: (800) 888-0757; Fax: (716) 887-2041