Student Health Services' policies are designed to help ensure access to health care resources, help safeguard student privacy, and promote student well-being.

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Notes for Missing Class or Work

It is each student’s responsibility to meet all course and work requirements that are set by his/her instructors and supervisors. In most cases, Student Health Services will not formally excuse a student from class with a written note. Please see the policy for more information.


We cannot provide documentation related to COVID-19 for clearance for travel, work, or class attendance. We also cannot provide documentation for those requesting exemptions from wearing face coverings. We cannot provide documentation for those seeking accommodations related to the COVID-19 pandemic unless specific criteria are met.

Parental Consent for Treatment

New York State law requires the consent of a parent/guardian for medical care (reproductive and sexual health care excluded) of persons under 18 years of age. Students under 18 cannot access health care from Student Health Services without a completed Parental Consent Form on file. This form must be completed if the student is under 18 years of age at the time of arrival on campus or the start of the semester, even if the student will turn 18 during the academic year.

To get parental consent for treatment of students under 18 years old, please complete and submit the Parental Consent Form.

Information About Students Over the Age of 18

Consent is required from students 18 years old and over, before Student Health Services can release any medical information to another person.

Confidential and Voluntary HIV Testing: New York State Public Health Law

New York State Public Health Law requires that an offer of HIV testing be made to all persons aged 13-64 seeking hospital or primary care services except under specific circumstances. This includes students seeking services from a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner at University at Buffalo’s Student Health Services. Testing is confidential and voluntary.

ADHD Diagnosis and Medication Refills

Students diagnosed with ADHD who would like to have their stimulant medication refilled by a provider at Student Health Services must provide specific documentation to Student Health Services in advance of their appointment. Please view the policy for more information.

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